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3 John 1: 4
”  I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking
in the truth.”

Why is this such a critical verse in raising godly children ?
Because every discipline…..
Because every decision you make in and for your childs’ life….
Should come back to this verse.

That they are walking in HIS TRUTH……
Comparing our parenting with the WORD OF GOD
is the bottom line.

It is not….will they call childrens services….
It is not….what if they tell their teachers, their friends….

Gods Word says :  Spare the rod and spoil the child.
How do you parent –  by the TRUTH of HIS WORD……

Their actions, what they say to adults, to you…..
Word of God =  Honor thy Father and Mother that …..

If they are not honoring then :    Word of God = Truth
Their grid in life has to be ” walking in the truth “….
They have to know the reason why for the truth to impact them.
They have to know the TRUTH…..to discern the world.

IF, if you are letting it slide….
a.  because it takes time to instill the WORD OF GOD in them.
b.  because they might think it is boring ….
c.  because you are more worried about their status than their walk
d.  because you don’t care if they KNOW THE TRUTH

Then when they are 13 – 19   yrs. of age……
” you shall reap what you sow ”

“I have NO GREATER JOY..than to hear that my chidlren
are walking in the truth “….

If we only took our children through the drive thru to eat nutritionally ?
Then why do we look at church like some ” drive thru miracle worker”
It is not their job….

Train up a child in the way that they should walk and when they
are old they will not depart from it.

This is TRUTH :   How is your child walking …..?

If a child has a hurt ankle, he will limp
If a child has a hurt back or hip…..
You can see it in their WALK…..

How your child is walking is evident of their relationship
With JESUS CHRIST…… period…..

You would take a child to a Dr. have the x ray their foot…
To show where the problem is.
Gods Word is truth, if you get your child in the WORD OF GOD
The Holy Spirit will reveal to them their ” spot ” ….
HE will allow you to parent in a way that changes ” their walk”…

If they are not in the Word….
They will walk with a limp………..
The Word of God….is the ONLY , ONLY, ONLY…..
Sincere TRUTH…and for your child…

IF they learn how the Word truly spiritually works when they are YOUNG…
They will KNOW THE TRUTH and the TRUTH will set them free.

“I have not greater joy than to hear that my children
are walking in the truth ”

Truth bring deep freedom…freedom brings great JOY
to all that are around them and themselves…..amen.

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