It wasn’t because Jacob was ______________.


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Reading a book by Bob Sorge…
Studying the life of Jacob and Esau ~

Mal. 1: 2 -3
” Jacob I have loved; but Esau I have hated ”

A bit black and white …don’t ya think ?
How we strive and fail
strive and fail…….
and yet it is TRULY only by the GRACE OF GOD.
In the book it revealed how Jacob :
a.  did not have clean hands – tricked his father
b. did not have a pure heart – took advantage of
brother’s condition of hunger
c.  he swore deceitfully – lied to his father

@ the age of 75 !   where is wisdom in that age ?
where is the plea for ignorance of
not knowing right from wrong….?


Mal. 1: 2-3
”  Jacob I have loved; but Esau I have hated. ”

God seen Jacob’s heart….
Jacob in all his ” self “……loved sincerely ~JESUS CHRIST
God truly without anything that we can hide from Him…..
and with everything we try to show Him……
HE KNOWS ~  our hearts ~ down in the cracks / He knows !

” Esau was indifferent toward his spiritual inheritance ”
God knew Esau’s heart……

I LOVE when God just talks one on one with me.
I LOVE when God has my ear to hear only from Him
and HE SPEAKS…..

Oh how He loves YOU
Oh how HE loves……. even me !
Mercy –  God NOT giving me what I deserve
Grace – God giving me what I do NOT deserve


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Love it, especially those definitions of mercy and grace at the end. I love when you get a word, too! 🙂 thanks for sharing! 🙂

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