Jigger Day…..


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Today Benson went to a school to ask the Headmaster if any
children that had Jiggers…

( which here, are little white worms about 1/8th ” long …that crawl into
their feet under their toenail….then it looks like a planters wort….it spreads
and it takes over their feet, their heels, or in their arm or hand and becomes a
big white bump….it is disturbing and they can not learn because of the irritation…
Benson said they are painful)

The Headmaster said, ” there are none here with Jiggers ”
They had the Teachers come, ” there are many ”
So, the children from another school CAME…. it comes from homes that
are not clean.
I went back, got my fingernail clippers and tweezers….they used HUGE
Thorns…..then got a safety pin….. and had each child come….

The ointment was put in large plastic tubs , so much with water,
Soaking the children’s feet in them, will kill them, that are inside,
that they could not  “pick out “……

An elderly Mom with her teen daughter came…..
Some even bends the nails back….. it is horrid.
No joy on their faces…..as they sat,
You could tell how this effected their lives.

Deb K. started to pray with each child.
I went and got a box of ointment bottles…..
and proceeded to follow the Holy Spirit of :
“use the ointment to show them that MY BLOOD,
cleanses them from their sin…….”

30  SALVATIONS…..on Jigger Day….

What satan intends for HARM, God turns for GOOD
.We will now go into their homes, with a spray insecticide sprayer…
to fumigate their homes…..
The parents will be so happy….
You got it, we will then bring the Word of GOD, JESUS CHRIST…
into that family.   THANK YOU JESUS….

This is what YOUR PRAYERS are doing….
This is what YOUR support is going for in the name of JESUS !

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Wow. Can’t imagine. Praise God for bringing more souls to Himself! 🙂

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