….JOE TAVIANO’s ~ 93rd Birthday !


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Rocks’  Dad….. Joe Taviano would of been 93 TODAY !
Born in 1919 !
In honor of that all Rocks’ ~ brothers and sister  got together
@ Beer Barrel….. thanx to SIS !  thank YOU !

It is amazing when your “inlaws”….seem like BLOOD….
It is amazing when you truly love that your lives are together….
It is amazing to sit and laugh and share….love being with them…

Their FATHER and MOTHER would be so proud,
They would feel such warmth and love to KNOW…
That their children are who they are …
That they love to be together….
That they are ” family “…..

The Taviano’s….11 kids…..
All respectful,  amazing work ethics…fun….family…
and as our waitress said, when just the
Brothers and Sisters raised their hands…
”  you are all good looking “…..smile…YEP… !
That’s why we married them !

Then as only Stevie can say….
Now all the inlaws raise your hands….
” that was stupid enough to marry us ”    smile

What a ” great night in time “….a ” MOMENT “…
A time to remember JOE…..
He never drove….roofed all his life….LOVED THE LORD….
Just a loving guy….I always LOVED HIM VERY MUCH….

and tonite, I just thot, HOW MUCH I LOVE THE FAMILY…
I married !!!
” the TAVIANO’s ” …… we are …” family ”     smile.

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That’s really cool. xoxoxoxo

Thank you Janelle for the kind words. We don’t get together enough. I love being with you all, I love hearing all their Grandma and Grandpa stories. Somethings never have change. We loved our parents and they loved each one of us. Dad is smiling tonight for sure. He was such a good leader in our home.
Both Mom and Dad worked so hard to keep their family together. To know we were together tonight would mean so much to them.
Yes, thanks Sis and Gary for the pizza. Thanks to you all for coming.
We know God know all things and why He took both parents so long ago. We are selfish to the fact that we wish they could have stayed around long enough to see all of us grow into the people God and the two of them created. They would have loved being grandparents so many times and even great grands…We miss them dearly but know they are in the best hands. Happy 93 Dad. Til we meet again.

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