Joseph’s emotions ~


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Matt.1: 19
” Because Joseph her husband was a righteous man
and did not want to expose her to public disgrace,
he had in mind to divorce her quietly.”

Joseph’s reaction
Joseph’s emotions ….were to divorce her.

He responded out of his emotions, his flesh,
how he FEELS…..

But what he ended up DOING….
was out of his spirit ~


** look at the time that he gave his emotions time
to settle .

Benson told me the other day,  “Mum, there
is a story that you should not run after the dirt
is stirred behind a lury / truck.  You should
wait till after it settles.  For if you do a lury/truck
may be coming from the other way and hit you.”

We laughed…. just the picture of it,   ( not funny )
but we still laughed….
The dust settling of how things make us feel.
Joseph had to be hurt at the core of his heart.
By the woman he loved so deeply.
What it said to him personally of who he was.
OR wasn’t… the child was not conceived by him…
He knew that, HE knew the TRUTH of that..
It was even a truthful fact he had…

But the TRUTH from GOD’s perspective…

Joseph then ” after he had considered this….
* no reaction in emotion ..
after that,  THE ANGEL VISITED HIM in a
dream and said, ” Joseph son of David,
do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife,
because what is conceived in her is from the Holy
Spirit.  21.  She will give birth to a son, and YOU
Are to give him the name JESUS, because HE
WILL SAVE his people from their sins.”

Jesus came through a “not so good situation”
Joseph and Mary could of BEEN married..and
Jesus came through a family… but HE had to
come through a virgin…and so he came in a
“different” type of situation than what we would like…

LET HIM COME INTO….the situation at hand !

God desires us to let the dust settle….
Calm our flesh,  quiet…..
So we can HEAR the angel,
So we can HEAR the Holy Spirit….and
RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT and God’s perspective.

IF we ” run in the dust ”   –
The plan of God will not be revealed.
The plan of GOD.….will not be revealed...
and look at the OUTCOME of Joseph’s
NOT responding out of emotions.

I pray, that I can use my emotions only to LOVE
** that is what to me they are created for !
Let all other emotions settle down….
For the LORD’S will to be accomplished…
so that others might be SAVED , in the name of JESUS.

What others do to us, like Mary to Joseph….
Can throw us off, in fact it is satan’s ploy..
* not Mary – that would be GOD…..
But Joseph “considered”  and the Holy Spirit
Let him in on the DIVINE PLAN…..
Let the DIVINE PLAN, PLAY OUT….in the name of JESUS.

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