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Lately I have had a stronger passion for my 6 grandkids and their spiritual lives. 

Livi, Morgan, Ava, Reesey, Nina and Tanner

1Kings 11: 4
         ” As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his GOD, as the heart of David his father had been.”
      Many, many times….” your mother would of been proud of Gabe & Tug.” – “I can see your mother…..”  I do not say that lightly….for she was the first one in our family to truly LOVE THE LORD deeply.  Was she perfect – no.  But she never went to church without using a kleenex….she would have the bottom of her purse FULL of them after church.  Why ?  Because the LOVE for her LORD would draw her to tears.   If you would read her Bibles… would FEEL the love of her LORD.    
    It was important enough to GOD….to show that Solomon had not “carried on”  the love for ONLY JESUS as did DAVID…for having a “FULLY DEVOTED HEART”  after the LORD.
     And so I think in my life….. I DO NOT want to be the one….that if written…”Janelle turned her heart away…even an inch”
  I do not want – “Gabe or Tug to turn their heart away….even an inch”
  I do not want – ” Livi, Morgan, Ava, Reesey, Nina or Tanner to turn their
                                    heart away……even an inch”

nor Rock, or Marla, or Angie….not one of us…not one.

vs. 6
         ” So Solomon did EVIL in the eyes of the LORD; he did not follow the LORD  – – – COMPLETELY, as David his father had done.” 

    The world puts pressure on the “family business”..or diffferent traits of the family being passed down from one generation to the next….
   I believe , I desire with all my heart….”as for me and my HOUSE….we will serve the LORD.” 
  If I were to ask you right now with your children…what is your main concern ?
       Their ability to make money/a job?

 What effort is their spiritual life, how are they tasting the KINGDOM of GOD…how are they tasting who JESUS really is…so that they will desire HIM all their lives.   Once they have a french fry – they want more…a chocolate cone…they want more…. oh, that the next generation wants MORE OF JESUS.

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Thankful God has given you a ministry heart for your grandkids (1/2 being my kids). Glad they get to “taste who Jesus is” more when they’re around you and Dad.

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