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All you have to do is walk towards the school…
With 3 SOCCER BALLS……and excitement is there !
” The sheep hear my voice, I KNOW THEM. John 10: 27
No looking they knew their Teachers voice.  ( they got it )
87 Children accepted Jesus as their Savior.
Cookies  – oh they savored the broken pieces…
The Candy –  tried to get in line twice
Juice – a full cup….  Jump Ropes + Soccer Balls
” Banner Day ”   !
TEEN NITE :   Rom.  5: 1  ” …. we have PEACE w/ GOD
through our Lord Jesus Christ .”
Do you 1st have peace through JESUS ?   5 young men got saved.

We went into ” be anxious for nothing “….putting it :
UNDER THE BLOOD……the alter was open+ filled.
What are you anxious for ?  Bring it to HIM …under the blood.
(Livi, Ava, Nina , Morgan, ) made Red bracelets to remind them !
( Reesey + Kensey)  made Red , White and Blue…..for fun !

Today –  Session + Testimonies :  ( ready ? )
( they are around 21 when they graduate H.S.= Form 4 )
24 yr. old young man :
” When I was 17 I was not listening to my parents
counsel.  They asked me to go to church, I thot it was
a waste of time. I ran out of the house and lived somewhere
else.  Joined a group that did bad things.
As I went back home one day, my brother arrested me
and took me back to my parents.  My parents were very
good at beating.  I freed myself on my friends bicycle. I was
being lied by the devil.
My older brother was using his authority to suppress me.
At nite my brother was sleeping.  Went to the neighbor to give
me fire. ( fuel )
I lit my house on fire from the outside , it is a thatched house.
I took a very big stick and stood outside the door. If my
brother comes out, I will kill him.  He did not come out, he
screamed and people ran from all directions.
I ran into the maize.
The house went to completely ashes.  I went to Endebess and
walking the streets, my father seen me….had me arrested.
He said, ” I will write a statement :   this police station will be
your home.”   I was finger printed, taken to Kitale… ( snipits)
Dr.’s had to prove my age….. too young for prison,
went to Nairobi to Community Youth Collection Center .
” There was a big 10 acre field where they forced us to dig,
men standing with whips.  I started worshiping God,  reading
His Word.  There I became more eager to sing praise to God.
He interacted with me but no freedom as I finished my sentence.”
” A white woman came to him.  I feared I would not comunicate
with her.  She could  talk  Swhali.”
White woman,  ” why were you jailed?  Are you ready for help?
Where do you live ?”
( He told her where,  go to Kitale, then Kimondo…Market ask for a man
Edwin Simiyu – no relation to Benson )
She traveled there !!!!!!!   ” I have found your son in prison we are w/ him.
Will you come to Nairobi and stay with him ? ”
” I had to follow everything to get to go “…
The Word of God is FIRST
When your character is good we will pay for training
2 yrs. college for welding engineer.
I discovered – ” God has a purpose”
“God knew he must go through the prison
to discover :   He is The King
He is Prince of Peace.
I have accepted JESUS CHRIST as Savior.
Where ever you are far from God – that is the only place
the devil can reach you.”

Just ONE of many….
Benson, ” you see Mum, when they can share their
testimonies like that…they are truly free and have peace.”

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Praise The Lord for the Salvations, and what a story of redemption that young man has! Will continue to pray for strength and freedom for the Holy Spirit to move and call souls to himself! 🙂

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