Laban Simiyu….went to be with the LORD !


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Pastor Benson Simiyu’s father passed away on Friday.  He was around 84….. he was about 6’5″  –
a retired Police Officer, a gentle loving man.  Most of all, HE LOVED THE LORD ! 
    He was married to Joyce Simiyu who taught preschool…
.they started the – ” Joy Orphanage and School” in Matisi, Kenya. 
    They never argued or raised their voices to each other.
    They raised their children to love JESUS CHRIST.

Have you ever met someone you could just sit and talk to for hours.
You wanted to glean from their life, their  wisdom, their character.
Have you ever met someone you just , “ENJOYED being with” ?
That was who Laban was to me….

He would raise both hands to Heaven and in his accent….
   ” praise the Lord, or ” thank You Jesus”  or just a one line to the LORD….
from such a sincere heart of thankfulness.

The look on his face when North Park Church bought him a cow. 
” I knew someday God would
bless me with a cow….today is the day…thank You Jesus”  with his hands raised.

” In a America, can you tell me, I hear……”  
” Oh America, one day I pray the Lord lets me see America.”

It was his smile…..his hands raised….his compassion for his children and their work
for the Lord.  His love for his wife…their home….they lost a daughter…and a son…
they helped raise their grandchildren when it was not easy.   LOVE…genuine love
for others….with nothing in return.

Laban Simiyu….Bensons little son  – Rock Laban Simiyu….
   what a combination….
3 men I respect so much, in character, in being …and spiritually.

Please pray for Bensons’ family…..
It is Bensons’ birthday today too…..
We were scheduled to purchase the land on Weds…and pray the man, will truly
show grace and give Benson the time he needs…( things there are different )

No more streets of dirt
No more streets of mud….
    Streets of gold for Laban Simiyu….
    Not looking into the face of oprhans…..
    but into the face of GOD…..
Not wondering where the next meal will come from,
    the next schilling…to provide for his family, the orphans…the students..
No more raising your hands to an unseen Savior…
But your entire time….your every minute….
     in Heaven, Streets of Gold, JOY – is where YOU live….
    Muna Muna – ” smile smile ” is all you know……..

If all Laban had was his salvation……it is enough.

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I am sure he is truly full of joy and happiness in heaven!! What a great man of God. So glad you got to know him and that you are sharing about him with us!

I wish I could have met him!

happy moments will always be within and they change when the creator decides…

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