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Deb Kellermeyer taught on ” Suppressing Emotions”
Here in Africa…..the women work and work and work.
If you ask them if they are tired, late at night …..
The response ?  ” I am fine “….they are strong.
If they are abused…..” I am fine ”
If they are neglected….”I am fine ”

Deb taught about the “BOOT”…. Swahili for the ” TRUNK”
Putting one hurt after the other hurt, after the other hurt…..
Till it is so heavy…….you do not move, or you burst:

Isaiah 53:4
” Surely He took up our infirmities and carried our sorrow ”

It stuck, the response, the tears…..the wives…..
Deb went to the man who just came to the Lord, who was
almost shot by the police…..” Deb talked and talked and talked
with her….until “finally, she yielded…..to the hurt and gave it
over to JESUS, the pain, of her desire for her husband, and all
he had been through….almost being killed.”
The healing of her emotions through JESUS CHRIST……

Her response : ” I have the peace of God today, I can feel I was really
touched. When you talked of the boot, you were talking to me.
If the husband was in trouble, I went straight to the children.”
( taking it out on them)

Lydia:  Sometimes I would feel more like crying than praying.I thank
God for Dorcas she knows when something is wrong with me. I have
been keeping things in my heart.

Catherine: I have had a boot of keeping things. I should address the
issues as they come.

Florence :  Today I will leave all my burdens with the devil.  The blood of
Jesus covers me and my whole family.

Moses’ wife :  I have been one of those people who keeps burdens.   I know the One
who I can share it with.  Others can help but you don’t know what they will say, but
our Heavenly Father, but when I take them to Him. I will not be the same.

Catherine:  ” no matter what heavy things come my way, they will be lighter”

Chamayek: ” Someone always offends me, but I don’t want to carry them on
my back. I ask God to forgive if I have offended someone.”

Matron :   ” We should not carry so many burdens in our heart , it will spill
over into our families.”

Mary: ” I do not forgive easily when someone annoys me.  I will not live in anger in
my heart. So I can be with others and teach them the same.”

Dorcas: ” When we keep things in the heart it can act as a hindrance and block
the blessings of God.  It carries into our family and the atmosphere of our house.”

There is so much more they said……amazing.

Today  is Deb Kellermeyers Mom ~ CAROL’S 70th birthday…..there can be
no bigger blessing than to hear how your child is impacting the KINGDOM.

Happy Birthday Carol….from YOUR DAUGHTER DEB.
Happy Birthday too ~  To MARLA  ~  who’s heart burdens for the poor, the
lost, the hurting……and so she gives her life…to helping Cambodia….the
refugees of Samalia and Kenya, her church family + her own. ….

To God alone, be the GLORY !


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Oh Janelle u r so right about what a blessing it is to see and hear how Deb is fullfilling what God wants her to do. Words can’t express how full my heart is for the love I have for the Lord and my family. I have truly lived a blessed life. I thank the Lord for Him bringing u into our lives, it has enriched and impacted us so very much. Luv u. xo

Another wonderful day of ministry, praise The Lord! I know someone else whose Mom (and Dad) are proud of her/your ministry! May God be praised! Thank you for going…there are many like me, that physically cannot go…but you are obedient and go in my stead. Thank you! Love you!

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