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When I was in the airplane ( coming home from Africa
last year )  for like two 9 hr. stents….
I told God…( about the 17,000.00 for the land )
 ” I AM NOT TUG “…. I can not raise money, hate it…etc….

” It isn’t about you, Janelle…..”    ( great…smile )
Then how, who, and the journey began………
 Day by day, God puts thots in my head……or “do this NOW” 
I can not describe it, but it is HIM ALONE,
because I am not thinking like that, that day !

Last winter 3 people – with God alone telling them gave HUGE amounts…
NO PROMPTING……  2 checks in the mail and notes…. “here, hope this helps”
….  Tom Ahl – Proforma – Bob & Michele McPheron  & Jackie Miller

  –   Tug called me over to his house, my car was broke down
didn’t want to drive the truck and for gas reasons…
Tug – ” Mom, it will be worth it”
  Jackie was there….” I didn’t know who to give this to, and now I do” 
           It touched my heart to tears, that Jackie would give to buy the land…
 when HE himself wants to purchase land to farm…( God sees his heart)
  2.  Temple Christian School – CHANGE AFRICA –   $ 3,116.00 raised in CHANGE
                  in ONE MONTH !   Press coverage, which spurred on others to give ! ( GOD )
                   Teachers, students,  Admin !
                    Aunt Margy – Cousin Rita – Heather Hall – helped count over 3,000 in CHANGE – thanx !

Gabe made new site :   680.00 through Pay Pal !  ( God’s timing again)

Then the crunch of  1 month from the land owner:

Letters of support out to 81 previous supporters and some new…
           worked on these from 3 :00 pm – 3:00 a.m. one nite,
            going even through yellow pages….lol….I couldn’t stop, it was CRAZY…

Then they started to come in : 
          Our twin NEPHEWS were the 1st –  it touches my heart…seriously when those
                                                                                that are family….just obey GOD ( thanx Joey & Jessey )
          A girl that went on my first mission trip to Appalachin Mtns. in the 80’s gave ! ( thanx Kris S. )
          2 of my High School Teachers – gave !  ( Miss Elliot & Eckler)
          My Dad…his brother… ( Arizona )
          My Sister in law, felt lead before the letters went out – that was SO NEAT ( thanx Chris)
          My Mom’s dear friends…..amazing when they have issues of health !
          A classmate younger than I who lost her son in an automobile accident, lives in OREGON…
                    had read my blogs…etc.  – that one FLOORED ME !  ( Becky )
         A NEIGHBOR, younger than us….Rock seen him at Tractor Supply – “I want to give to …”  smile
                 ( then he writes and asks for another packet to get more support !!!!   GOD )  ( Greg K)
         As I chaplain on Tues….a friend that I worked at Marimor…slipped me an envelope !  smile ( Sharon D.)
          A previous mission trip buddy – who needs money to ADOPT a child…. herself – gave sacrificially ! ( Chel & Jon)
          A dear sweet girl….set up shop at a ladies retreat, gave herself and then off proceeds ( Joy)
          A former CHEERLEADER… humbling…. when I am their elder and THEY help me ! ( Mitzie)
           Someone at Tug’s Concert….” who helped your MOM ”  from the concert?”
                                                  Tug – ” no one”
                                        Mike – “tell her to call me”…..( I didn’t, hate to ask, seriously)
                                       Sent him a letter –   Miller Brothers Tires – Mike Miller
      FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD –  locked it up…. all 4 wheels and GAVE…GAVE…GAVE….
               a HUGE AMOUNT……..

That is the family of GOD…the ” ASSEMBLY OF GOD ”  – I have never even been IN THAT CHURCH !
   The Pastor knows Tug…. ( who doesn’t )  but no question… what do you believe…..what type of 
     doctrine are you working for….is there what ever…NO RELIGION HOOPS…they sealed the deal…

Pastor Dave – from our church ” NEW LIFE INTERNATIONAL”  – is all over working our finances..
          so, today, he goes in….calculates….

Houston – we can purchase the land…
 Benson – trying to give him some TUG lessons to dicker on the price….so we will see !
                    meets with the land guy today…
Will wire  the money on FRIDAY………. GOD is  – THE AUTHOR
                                                                                  GOD is  – THE FINISHER

I pray you see through this….it is not of me….
It is GOD – GOD – GOD….
and ” THE ASSEMBLY OF GOD’s FAMILY ” –  Him speaking to individuals..and each one
  being obedient….and –   wow…………

Now :  $ 2,560.00  needed to go back in Oct.
                  8 – 10,000 to build HIS CHURCH – “Agape Word of GOD Church”  smile !

( this isn’t about listing names,  what ever….this is to show YOU, to remind me…
    how if GOD desires something…..HE GETS IT DONE….HE – HIM thru many..
    and no glory should come to ourselves…. as Stanley Tam said 2 yrs. ago:
  ” Janelle you just put it out there and let GOD do the rest.”   )

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Awesome. Just awesome.

So awesome, Am proud of you Janelle and you are also working with an annointed and trustworthy man of God Benson.

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