~~ Last Day !


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@   3:00  a.m. – Ohio Time…..
I start the treck across Kenya ~
To head HOME !

Today we had a meeting with all
who works for UnReined Africa…..all !
Contracts Wrote Up  ~  Upping the bar !
It was “timely ”

Much has happened in the last month :
Individuals who accepted JESUS CHRIST…
30 Crusade Namwechula
17  Church Namwechula
1 leaders meeting
39 Jigger Day
2 Mile Nane’ Crusade
85 Kitale Prison
87 Children’s Day
5 Teen Nite
6  Liyavo Church
#  Soccer Tournament….
Chains have been broken….
The Army is being put in place..
For them to continue reaching the lost !

Jamie Protsman’s husband Dan – Heaven
Kathy McClintock’s Dad – Heaven
Amos’  son – Isaya – Heaven
” Isaya Jubilee Maternity Ward ”

The New Vehicle has went roads….
to lost souls, to sites….to town…to care !

You have gave…
You have prayed……
He has heard and answered ~  THANK YOU….
I can’t wait till in Heaven they ,
will say it for themselves to you !

I pray for deep blessings…seriously…
I pray that God in only HIS way…
has touched your heart~ for touching theirs !

* and thanx to those who cooked for Rock…
worked with him…visited him… prayed for him !

” to God be the glory , great things HE has done…
so loved He the world that HE gave HIS OWN SON….”


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Praise The Lord. To Him be the Glory! Praying you have a safe trip back and catch up on rest when you get home. Love you. 🙂

I am doing the Daniel fast not only as a cleansing to my body but also to my sirpit. I want to grow closer to the Lord then I have ever been. The Daniel fast is a way to empower your sirpit to be able to be stong in the Lord’s work. When I think of Daniel and the love and the boldness he had, that is what I long for, to be a vessel that trusts in Him and willingly and eagerly waits to be used by Him.

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