…..Last Weekend in Liyavo……


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Waiting to go see the Govt. engineer in Kitale that may help with
The Bubba & Angie Watson Hospital~  Liyavo.

We are meeting him at the Presidents Club – Gulf Course
He helped build that…should be interesting….

Benson has a friend he use to train in body building that
works at the gulf course….. then on to Gigamart….
and grocery shopping – cooking supper tonite :
   Meat, mash potato’s + gravey  –
( the speghetti type was too much strangeness to them )  smile.

Then TOMORROW !!!!!!

Another amazing person ( as all of YOU ARE ) …..smile, seirously
That works at Rudolph Foods, gave  me $150.00  right before I left :
” Janelle, I know there are times you see people that have need ….and you
  would want to just HELP THEM…here, help them .”

Each person in the church is getting ……( drum roll )

A CHICKEN !!!!!!!!!!
yep !
A CHICKEN !!!!!!!!

It will mean so much to them…we are going to ask them NOT to cut their
neck right away…..but to be patient and let it multiply and supply !

We are bringing on 3 Leaders in the church

These guys have been with us long…..and truly are humble men…
godly and giving men….with a heart for the lost and hurting….amen.

Have a blessed day….wrapping up from AFRICA !

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Chickens – such a great idea! Give a man a fish…teach a man to fish…!!! 🙂

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