Let the journey begin


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I feel like tomorrow is “the starting of Africa 2010″…..
I feel that ever since last Oct. 09 – I have been being debriefed…
and then prepared…and NOW…it is “starting date”

Today – Gabe is finishing – www.unreined.com
that has a more “AFRICA – mission feel”

I go to pick up the shirts….. Tug designed for Temple
” Change Africa”
I go and pick up 500 RED COLLECTION CUPS
I drop off shirts to the Teachers of Temple School
Meet with the Superintendent….

Come home and spiritually prepare
Then back on Friday 8:15 a.m.
for a school-wide Chapel at Temple for:


Each student will be given a RED CUP –
to collect “change for Africa”
Each class will collect
Each student can purchase a $6.00 ” CHANGE AFRICA ” T- Shirt..
and so it will go for the month of March….

Then will start the campaign with my own personal
” 2010 AFRICA – Support Team”

Then the results…..
$11,000.00 to purchase 5 ACRES – to start the Haven for Children
“Joy Ophanage & School” to be built
” Agape Word of GOD” church to be built
“Medical Clinic of the Great Physician” to be built
” Home for Benson & Dorcas, Gloria & Rock ” to be built

if we raise the $11,000.00 –
and if I can raise an extra 4,000.00 – then I will return in the fall this year
to ” seek and to save the LOST”
to ” gear up for what is going to go on the land”
to “dig in with the disciples into the Word of God..” etc.

and tonite….at church –
” come forward if you want to come to the alter and ask GOD For HIS FAVOR”

1 Sam. 2: 26
” and the boy Samuel continued to grow in stature and in FAVOR with the LORD
and with all men.”

Job 22:21
” ACQUAINT now thyself to HIM and be at peace thereby GOOD shall come unto thee.”

all I have to do…is to aquaint myself with GoD
to seek ye first the KINGDOM of GOD….
have a relationship tight with GOD…..
and the land is HIS, the orphans are HIS, the people are HIS….

FAITH…..is the absence of fear…..
FAITH draws to the LORD
Doubt draws to ____________

I want to walk in a convinced faith – that HE IS GOD….
2 loaves – 5 Fish – faith…can “CHANGE AFRICA !”

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Praise God. Praise God. Praise God. So thrilled to finally be able to get a site out on the web that represents the great work He’s doing through you and Unreined Ministries. He is good.

Can’t wait for my t-shirt! So excited to be partnering with you and God in Africa!

Faith is the absence of fear…amen!
This is exciting stuff, Janelle!

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