……. Let Us Be Willing ……. are we ?


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Matt. 8: 2
” a man with leprosy came and knelt before Him and said, ” Lord ,
if you are willing, you can make me clean.”
3.  Jesus reached out His hand and touched the man.  ” I AM WILLING,”
He said.  ” BE CLEAN!”  Immediately he was cured of his leprosy.
4.  Then JESUS said to him, ” see to it that YOU DO NOT TELL
anyone. But GO, SHOW yourself to the priest and OFFER THE GIFT
Moses commanded, as a TESTIMONY to them. ”

JESUS CHRIST, was willing to be all that GOD had put inside of Him
to be on earth.
Willing to be:   1. OUR SAVIOR = to leave heaven, come to earth
with the main goal of DEATH…..walked 33 yrs.
with none of His life His own.  NONE.
Willing to be :  The Healer –  ” what would others think ”
” would they think I am all that , thinking more of myself
than what I am ?   ”  But God gave me the power to heal .
” so I am willing to walk in my own power…all of it.”
Willing to forgive & only love :   We know as humans what we have done
to the pure love of JESUS CHRIST….some spit, some mocked…
Willing to teach , preach , the WORD OF GOD only :
Never wavering from the truth … hear it , speak it, live it.
Willing to go :  Where ever to who ever…..go be alone, go to the multitude,
go to the boat, the manger, the leaders, the CROSS…the TOMB…


Think of a coaster on your stand…..if there is a glass sitting on it…..
you will not put another glass there…before it is empty…clean….
waiting for its purpose….you will only sit the glass on the empty coaster.

Are we ” empty”  ~ ” willing”
for GOD, God HIMSELF to ” SIT HIS CUP ”  on us ?
in all totality ?
In all that HE IS IN US ?   All of God, all of JESUS in us  !

why ?

So they will be able to say nothing..” tell no one ”
their lives will be changed, and their testimony will be seen.
You can not argue with a testimony…..YOU can not.

Who does God want to touch through YOU..to the point of healing ?
Willing ?
Who does God want to save through YOU….to the point of true salvation?
Willing ?
Who does God want to forgive through YOU….to the point of restoration ?
Am I willing ?

Amazing, go through the list ……
How long is our list ….
Write the CHRIST mas list…
with our lives………….

God embed this on my heart….to the point of never hesitating…

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