Liyavo ~ Evangelism ~ Day # 2 = 47 Salvations !


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I had the groups share a Testimony ~ here they are :

Stephens’ ~   4 widows selling brew…we entered the house to share the Word
of God. ” God changes – it is not a must to quit drinking today.
It is God that can give you a better work.  Not everyone in this
land sells changa ~ One started to cry….All 4 got saved !

Nga Nga ~  We went to 17 houses –  9 people selling brew…after sharing the  Word
They said they have a church – Told them we only have 2 fellowships :
1 w/ the devil
1 w/ God
They attended another church, after their church is over, most drink brew.
Shared the Word, Read in Romans 10 – asked if any wanted JESUS as their
Savior-  about ” confessing He is your Lord “….they said, we have never
made Him Lord –  9 got saved !
2nd House ~  3 men…They were roasting ” SHEEP HOOVES ” ….( wow )
Shared the Word….they said they were hard hearted…and asked that God
would soften their hearts…but they were not ready to ask Him as Lord.
They told of how 1 wk.  ago :   a child watched them drink brew..
seen it made us ” happy” …..the child hid and drank 5 liters of brew…
The child ~  DIED.
No more selling brew…but still did not want JESUS.
They are coming to church tomorrow

Dorcas ~    We went to many houses and were ready to walk back to the church.
Charlie our watchmen of our land….said….” Karibu” to this lady and looked
at us….” we should go in”…we did.  The daughter was saved, we talked prayed.
She then took us into the small mud house beside hers….
We said ” Haribu” …” Missouri”…etc.
I took a chair and invited her to sit directly acrossed from me.
She took it back 2 ft. ~  sat down ~ I scooted mine close….
We began to talk about JESUS… a ” worn” 75…she accepted
Jesus Christ as her personal Savior !  Charlie followed the HOLY SPIRIT !  smile

Moses/ Benson ~  4 women sitting selling brew….they thot we were the police..
then , they thot we were coming to buy ..Made us NICE SEAT…very welcoming….
We said, ” we are not sitting”…..”Why this is our home”….PSTR..” do you know me”
” yes….where “….” I am a Pastor”  –  she knew then  ” YES” …..
We talked about ” what is wrong with drinking”….PSTR said :  ” nothing”
Pstr. ” No amount of drinking will send you to hell.”
Them :   ” why do Pastors say  STOP ”
Pstr : Bible does not say stop drinking and be saved.
But accept JESUS CHRIST and he will get you out of where you are at !
Them:  If ,  that is what you are preaching…. WE WANT TO BE SAVED !

We talked, they listened,  the one said, ” I never come here, but today”
” I have no husband and all my children died and left me with grandchildren”
the only way to get out of it, is to drink
Pst.  ” since you started drinking have you solved your problems ?
NO……I wake up in the a.m. and tell my grandchildren…
Have you eaten, they say NO…I tell them…YOU WILL DIE
just like your mother and go back to drinking !
” the reason I started drinking was that I sinned when I was in church….
and they ran me out…So I know, NO GOD…would ever want me ”

The all, all, all got SAVED !!!!!!

All we know is to sell brew Pastor……..Benson told them of our ” DORCAS MTGS”
how we are to help them to learn a trade…and to walk with them.
They are coming tomorrow !    We spent 1/2 of 2 hrs. with this group of women !

Last one –  Woman with 6 children  from the age of 7 down.
House, no doors, no windows….. even for here, it must of been bad !
” Benson asked her if she did not come to church because she was scared that
someone would ” walk in and steal “……
We are going to build her doors & windows…..

Banner Day…..Anticipating the PRESENCE OF JESUS tomorrow.
Told the men –  Justus, Joseph Miner, Nga Nga, and Stephen about their
LaCrae – Oct. 18th blessing – YOU SHOULD OF SEEN THEIR FACES !
Thanx Tug, thank YOU JESUS CHRIST ! amen

And the glory goes to ?   _______________ you got it ~   GOD ALONE !

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