Liyavo – Evangelizing !


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5 hours of torrential down pour….last nite…..LITERALLY….
We walked 2.5 miles ~ going out into hand plowed maize fields to walk…PATH under water !

11 of us trekked out…into the rural houses….
Realize 2 of our 11 were ~ Nga Nga + Joseph Miner ~
2 that “were” robbers and just got saved ! amen

That just jacks me – in and of its’ self !

We were on Kenya time – starting late…so we gave ourselves 2 hrs.
31 souls…..came to KNOW JESUS !
People like :   Gladys Mnoko, Susan Nelima, Levis Wasika, Monica Nyongesa,
Rose Nafula, Edward Wanjala, Gabriel Wabuge , Philip Wanyonji


Benson’s Group – He had met a boy 1 yr. ago with a twisted leg…he sent Immanuel
to go find this young boys’ mother and father so we could help them pay for Dr.
He seen the boy on the path….. A man asked ” are you lost”…Benson said, ” w
are looking for LOST SHEEP” …smile…  It went on…
This man was a drunk… ended up…he was that boys’ FATHER.
The Father got saved, the friend with him got saved.
He took him to his sister in law and his mother – got saved
His wife came home, the man said, ” Please, do not be the door that the devil
will be using ”    – she got saved !

Nga Ngas’ Group –  A girl came from a house…she had been being used –
a woman of the house was selling her in prostitution so that she could
make shillings.    That girl got saved !
She then welcomed them into the womans’ house – the house where
her body was being sold….The woman who was selling her – GOT SAVED !

Dorcas + I :  We went to a home… Gladys is her name….she is a single mother
47 yrs. w/ 7 children.   They are in school.  That told me she was making shillings.
” What do you do?”  I asked…she smiled…..”I sell Brew”……
We both laughed…as she knew…and I wanted her not to feel condemned….
We talked of how hard she worked to take care of 7 children by herself…
Yet no one takes care of her.
I asked her if she would desire a ” HEAVENLY FATHER”  that would care
for her like her 7 children….she accepted JESUS CHRIST as her personal SAVIOR.

31 testimonies ~ in our family of GOD……
Please continue to pray …for their walk with the LORD….it will be a journey for them.
Many said they will come to church on Sunday !

To end the day…..TUG got 10 ” will call tickets”  for us…..
you got it…the ‘robbers are going”

NgaNga, Joseph Miner, Stephen, Justus
Benson, Dorcas, Moses Teens For Christ
Mike ( Benson’s bro. just got saved )

It is GOD Alone that draws ALL men unto HIMSELF
It is to HIM alone…that all Glory and HONOR goes.
Makes me want to shout…” thank YOU JESUS…LORD You’re Worthy……”

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Thank you, Jesus!!

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