Lord, Teach Me How to Love….Creflo Dollar !


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snip its from his book :

Love is like a battery.  Everything in the kingdom of God operates by faith,
but faith won’t work without love.

Faith is ACTIVE…it will change things.  It will move mountains.  But faith that’s
not backed up by love is powerless……love is the force behind faith.

Maybe you are having problems with just one relationship; however that could
be the very thing hindering your blessing.  The Bible says that our faith won’t work
if our love is not working.

1 Cor.  13: 2
”  If i have faith so that I can remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.”

There are needs that God desires to meet through your hands.
There are things He wants to do through you.  But He can’t use you if…
you don’t know how to love.

God is so intent on our learning to love that He says if we don’t love….
we’re useless………….

” you’ll never see the power in your ministry until you first see Jesus ”

See, compassion flows from teh deepest part of a person.  When I understood
Jesus’ compassion, I saw Him.   When I saw Him and His compassion, the ministry
began to take off in my life.   That’s because when I’m moved with Jesus’ compassion,
God reveals His power through me.

Love others with THE LOVE OF GOD…..
Is there one relationship we struggle with….
is our desires , what we feel the Lord is calling us to , just not taking off….
then look at our love in each relationship…..

I am asking God ….to fill me with HIS love….
compelling me to love others through His love…..

Negative thoughts cooperate with the devils plan !

Worry is a negative form of meditation…..
Worry  leads to destruction and torment in our lives.

Just as God uses faith to bring His words to pass….
Satan uses fear to bring his words to pass.

Love ignites faith
while extinguishing fear.

” perfect love casteth out  fear…”   1 John 4: 18

Help me oh Lord, to walk in Your Love….
to let Your love come from me….YOUR LOVE…. YOUR love….YOUR LOVE….

in the name of JESUS , amen.

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