March 17, 1958


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This is Marilyn Marie Swaney/Conrad’s – Spiritual Birthday – My Mother’s.

    To me a great tribute was made at Perry Teens For Christ last nite.  You see my Mom had a great heart to evangelize Perry Twp..  In fact she started a church in Perry at one time.  She had Child Evangelism in our home every week for years.  She went out on a limb to be looked at as a fanatic of a Christian.  But for those of us that knew her heart, her tears for people to know the Lord…..we knew her deep deep love for the Lord. 
      I will tell the story until I die, the testimony of how satan whispered to my Mom at Olive Chapel, which is the churc about 1/2 mile from our home in Perry Twp.. He whispered you are too fat, Marilyn….you are too pregnant to go forward.  “don’t do it” – – – BUT SHE DID !  She did !
      And to that she was the first committed sold out Christian in our family. 
About a month ago…. I told this testimony passionately to a group of teens at a retreat…..and last nite at Perry TFC….a young girl came up to me from Bath.  ” I met you at the retreat…I tried to find you afterwards but you were no where to be found.”   I wanted to tell you…. I have a goal, I set a goal for my life.  You see I… the first Christian in my family…..and I have a goal that my kids will love the Lord and their kids will love the Lord.  But it will start with me.  I wanted to tell you that.”  smile…..
   The girl beside her opened her Bible up and said, “see, I signed this in my Bible…”  ( she showed me )  it was a “death certificate”  –  a “death to self”  and a commitment to GOD to obey HIM alone…and die to self.
    Marilyn Marie Swaney/Conrad….. March 17,1958  died to self and did not listen to satan and walked to the alter with me in her stomache.  She gave her life to JESUS CHRIST and the generations after her is following her with their life. 
     And now, even though my Mom has no clue…there are students….that are being impacted today, because of her obedience to JESUS CHRIST on March 17th…. some people may think green on this day…but my Mom’s favorite color was red –  for the blood of JESUS CHRIST….
      I can’t send her a card like I always did on this date…. but I can pray and thank the Lord for speaking to my Mom and her salvation.  I praise the LORD alone…. for who HE is…and for her eternity in Heaven. 
     St. Patrick’s Day… ?   Thank YOU JESUS for my Mom’s Spiritual B.D. !

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Knowing our lives can make an impact even after we are gone is amazing. Thankful she was an example of that, and that we can see it as a challenge today.

Hi Tricia,I will join you in prayer cocrnning the restoration of your marriage. It was amazing to me because my prayer request is identical. One of my closes friends encouraged me to change my prayer to ask God to restore my love and trust in my husband. As soon as the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, I am going to commit this as my first agenda for the New Year. I already believe and recieve for the both of us that restoration is on its way.God Bless You!

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