….. March 17,1958…..


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This date….1958 ….. My Mom walked to the
alter to receive JESUS CHRIST as her personal

I can never look at this date without being ever
so grateful.
1 Peter 1: 3
” ….. He has given us new birth into living
hope through the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST
from the dead.”

The inheritance….. earthly
The inheritance…..spiritually

vs. 4)  ” and into an INHERITANCE that can
never perish, spoil, or fade…….”

What Jesus gave my MOM…..she may have faded
on this earth.   But her “new birth, LIVING HOPE”

Her walk to the LORD this day…..1958
Was the greatest walk of all.
Many of us ” walk for earthly health ” . (which is great )

What ” walk” in the spiritual ?
What ” walk ” in the LORD…. will we leave our kids ?

401K = squat
Invest = squat
it will all fade, perish , spoil.

Our kids , our families….. Hell or Heaven
Our kids, our families… sincerity of who HE truly is ?

What my Mom gave me….left me = JESUS

vs. 4 ) and into an inheritance that can NEVER perish,
spoil, or fade – kept in heaven for you…( Mom )

She is there ……

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Amen. Beautiful. 🙂 and you, in turn, have given your children and grandchildren the same priceless heritage of faith.

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