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10:25 a.m. 8 yrs. ago… my Mom passed away……
Last night, 8 yrs. ago, I spent with my hand in my Moms…
crease of her arms….just to feel her warmth of being here.

Today, I thot very much of how JESUS CHRIST….
Placed me under a Mom…..
Who cried almost every Sunday in church ….
out of her deep love for JESUS.
Placed me under a Mom…..
Who wrote in her Bible like she couldn’t get
enough, couldn’t get close enough to JESUS…
Placed me under a Mom who every week
opened her home to the kids in our township..
And made sure what she said….truly came from
the Word of God.

A Mom who loved parenting…….
A Mom who hand washed all our good clothes…
Ironed, cooked, packed lunches, waited at our practices…
Came to every game like each one was a tournament.
Took stats…….scrapbooks…..clippings…..
Shopped for each gift so intentional……
Baked cakes and loved each one of us…..
and it only grew with LOVE for each GRANDKID.

She was so much FUN……
She gave our lives so much meaning…….
All of us loved her so much….
our lives changed when she died.
She taught me how to live in love with JESUS…..
deep in her home, all alone…….it was JESUS
deep in her heart, all alone…….It was JESUS

anything more shallow than that ?
was not my Mom.

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I miss her every day!!!!

Your Mom was truly a gem. I’m so thankful I was blessed to know her. You honor her by continuing to love Jesus, by continuing to love your kids and grandkids. By your obedience and service to The Lord you carry your Mom’s legacy forward. I know she was so proud of you, and I know she continues to be, as she is in Heaven with her Savior and her husband now. Praising The Lord for your Mom, and for her daughter, who has been a lifesaver to me spiritually (and physically too). Love you! 🙂

After-school Good News Bible Club was possible for us “neighborhood kids”, partly due to her transporting us home. She had unspeakable joy and a passion for people to be saved. I miss her and think of her every time I drive past the Conrad Farm.

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