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John Patience from the “CONGO” ….
Traveled with us to each meeting/ Crusade.
Benson, “Mum as Kenyans are known for their running…
those from the Congo are known for their dancing.”
So, John Patience traveled with us singing, worshiping
and dancing unto the Lord.”
Testimony –
” I had no parents, I was an orphan. There are
so many walking the streets. I never smoked bong since
I was born. But I served satan through secular music.

” You give a donkey to the magician…to be made known.
It goes to the point of sacrificing a human being to
the magician / witchcraft, to raise you to the next
level and be made known all over the world.”

2004 I had not stepped into church.
I came to Kenya and I stepped into a Recording Studio
in Kitale to record a secular song. The Recorder said
I was very good. He brought me a song to listen to.
It was gospel. ( one of Benson’s )
I braided my hair like a woman. Yet something spoke to
me…” go back to God”
I went back to the Studio in Kitale.
God told me to be with Pastor Benson in that studio.
We got to know each other, now we are living like a
family. Trust in God.
There is nothing He can not do.
I will bring my family to serve the Lord and come
with an international. Agape Word of Life Music.
Right now I do not have an offer for my music.

* please pray for John, he is growing in his walk with
the Lord….and very new….very new…and deep in

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What a great story of Gods redemptive Grace.

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