Matisi – Kenya – Africa…..


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Wound up…. no sleep….thinking…praying…desiring…
for me NOT TO GET IN THE WAY of the LORD…

Today I met with Beth – Lima News…. + Craig – Photo Man of Lima News! They were so neat to meet with…Beth herself just adopted a son from Ethopia…”how GOD” to let Beth be the one to interview me. She is truly “living out what it is to take care of the orphans, the poor…” Daily…Beth live this with their son. Incredible. An article about Matisi – Africa should be in the Lima News tomorrow – March 5th…. I pray, pray, pray, they hear/see JESUS CHRIST.

Tug got my pictures together and sent them through email. Gabe just last night and this a.m. put together a PayPal account for online donations on WWW.UNREINED.COM! ( God’s timing isn’t it ?)…so when it is in the paper…. is it not amazing to “walk in the fog with GOD HIMSELF?”

And how GOD gave me Gabe & Tug who help me out daily…and timely…to just be where GOD wants this to be – THANX to both of them !

On to Temple….walking in each elementary class…..” all wound up” smile…about the CHANGE they have collected…. again, it is neat to see their excitement and hearts. The hearts of the teachers….”in the HUB” of it all, thanx !

On to the High School…where the 7th grade is kicking tails and taking names….where Teachers ( B.J.) is being creative to challenge the kids to “step out”…..the WHOLE SCHOOL, each class, student, teacher….is so amazing.


My Mom’s 84 yr. old sister – My Aunt Margy…is coming until Sunday… I think we may do some counting, talking….and some quality time together…I just love her and she goes back to California….March 16th.. She lives in a pole barn – on top of a mountain with no electricity !

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS…..left foot = FAITH + right foot = OBEDIENCE…..and so we walk with JESUS 1” in front of us ! amen ?

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