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Feel lead to ask for prayer for Gabe, Marla, Livi, Ava and Nina….
Gabe as of yesterday he is in the Hospitatl in Columbus.
Stress Test right now for his heart….labs came back good.

So in that….we continue to hold to JESUS CHRIST our LORD, amen ?

Have to say, it hit a nerve again….
So I will just post who God is to these men as I know HE is to Gabe.

Men’s Day Liyavo, Africa :

Andrew ~  Who I am, if I am not going the right direction, He will change me.
?? ~  To change my character I need to examine myself.
Moses Teacher ~ For Your love is ever before me.
Because of that love , I trust Him and He will do something in me.
Tony ~ When you trust in God He can take you from one level to another level.
Dennis ~ It will remind him , God loves him, He can do what God wants him to do.
Barnabas ~I should not choose to seek false men.
Pastor Charlie ~ The world has evil that can take things from me.
Pastor Moses ~ If I keep the Word of God, then I mind the company that I will keep.
Eric ~ Look at integrity ~ God will always be there if I choose, He will be there to
keep me to walk in His integrity.
Moses/ Watchman ~ When you keep the Word of God in your heart it will
bring you benefits.
Joseph Miner ~ Keep my feet on good ground, lead a blameless life, and I will be
transformed…I love to be transformed ( use to sale guns )
Edward ~ I will refuse to sit with the wicked… ( we talked of always seeking + witnessing
not being closed, but letting them influence our lives spiritually )
David ~ The Word of God will cont. to renew my mind. If I would of had this Word…when I
sat with the evil doers…they discovered my weakness in my life and used it for bait.
They asked me to hold a gun, in 30 minutes time , the one who asked me to hold it,
told the cops and I spent 5 years of my life in prison.     I would say, never give satan
a ” place”.. Refuse to sit with evil doers.  Today if I see certain men.  I know how to sit
with them, my mind is renewed.
Mosop ~ ” we are blessed ”
Karanga ~  for His loving countenance is before my eyes…my feet stands in firm place.
God always loves me, God has and supplies everything and I am walking in truth.
I do not search anywhere else.




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Prayers for Gabe and family, and for you and your God Family. God Bless you and all that you do!

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