Men’s meeting ~ Liyavo / Africa


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Woke up early early………….
Benson and I had time to talk this a.m. =
Discussion ~   Once a person as they are young has trouble being under authority
Parents, Teachers….what ever..
If you can not easily live with the truth of ” being under authorities”
Even when we are old…. Administrations, Co – what ever, spouse…
God’s plan,…….. if our spirit rebels against authority….
THEN…. you will have not be able to ” exercise authority”  in the spiritual ….
you will have a hard time learning from God….

You can say…” I have an awesome relationship with GOD…deep time with God ”
but in the natural….your spirit resist being under anyone…..
your heart rebels authority….in the natural
We can not be good in one….and not the other….they must both exist….mutually……

He gave scripture to go along with it all….just a neat morning discussion.   smile


Deut. 2 –  Listening for God, and how God wants us to live a life of LEAST RESISTANCE…
but it takes an ear for the Holy Spirit and Heart to obey with no hesitation.

Men :  Where is it that YOU think God is leading you… in Deut. 2….and it will take
Him telling you GO NORTH,  don’t meddle with this,  do that….and I / God will make
your way , the way of least resistance :  ( their answers )

Immanuel :   Right now I am unparticipant son of God…I want to JOIN and pariticipate
in the Kingdom of God, serving God as a true leader of God..and I will be blessed

Benson :  I see a large church ministering to a variety of different people, widows …having food
for them to eat, teaching them how to provide, orphans….their needs met….
reaching many many people for the Lord.

Charlie :   Advancing the gospel

Stephen :  Street kids..small house…bathrooms in it..a room with showers
drawers with clothes that they can come into our house and change
snack foods and 2 times a week teach them the Word of God….and ”
their lives to go on.
NgaNga :   Lifted by God, and reaching people who are unreached…flowing in
money to supply for the needy.  The robbers will know that my life
is only from God…to live an admirable life..see my family humbled
by what God has done in me.

Joseph Miner :  See myself with land, a big beautful house with a church beside it.
Even though now I can not see it, but I see it coming.

Moses :  Shifting from renting …buy land a good house…crops, harvest crops
And feed the poor.

Andrew :  Engineer –  building the big buildings in the cities…earn money and get
money to support worship, I would buy them instruments so they will humble
themselves in the presence of our living God.

Moses :  ( older ) $ to start a business in farming for food for family and then teach
others to run a business and to help each one have food.

Benson talked of how those in Africa are so ingrained on HARD WORK…their worth
is in providing for themselves….their need is to be understand the GRACE of GOD..

Paul …even though I am the least of the apostles….I labor more than others…yet not
the labor of me…but the grace of God that labors in me.
That Africans rely on their own strength…skill, might and power…

God is unveiling so much here…………in the name of JESUS may HE be glorified.

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