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( a cockroach was in my bed and the lights went
out  ?  seriously….lights on – got him ! )

Andre Ameetri
” What Pastor Benson tells us, the Mum tells us also.   I
am going to practice it in my life.  I went back home last
Thurs..  My brother borrowed a bike.  He brings problems
between people.  I told him details.  ( of Jesus )  I have never
told between my brothers and Mother and Sisters.  I want
to see you in church.  Go to the church your heart sends you
to.  They accompanied….Sister and Mother went _______
Sister went to ________ God was doing His work.
I saw if I can reach my brothers at home I can reach the
Nations.   I have never done this.  God empowered me to
come to these meetings.  When she goes back home it will
continue to grow in me. ”

Pastor Rula Wakesa,
” Very first meeting with men here….I left my wife to come here.
The teachings on the covenant of marriage.. we will live our
lives as one body.  We have been communicating with them
differently.   We stand to just say our names, we will now let
them share.   From now , if I am introduced she will be
introduced with me.  Let us be good examples when we go
back home.  We came with a purpose…we should go home
with a purpose…we have been shown mighty things.”

Joseph Wakalo –
( snip it )   ” Go and look for somebody, God will
tell you the words to say ”

Benjamin Lee mo….
” The meaning of marriage , how it was initiated by God.
I am saved and married and commit it unto the Lord.
I am in the vehicle ready.”

Martin –
” I understand who I am in Christ and what I am suppose
to do.   When I go back home…They tried to convey to me.
They brought the Word of God,  satan brings his word,  They
brought God’s Word.”

Moses Mahati –
” What we have learned will only be a blessing if they
see it at home, if they see a difference in our lives.
There are those waiting for us to reach them.
It will transform the areas we come from ..only
if they will receive the blessings.”

David Wanjala-
” Let us not be lazy of …believe we have everything we
need ( God ,Jesus , Holy Spirit )   Paul says, I can do everything
in Him who strengthens me .  Do  not be weak in the things
the Lord sends you to do. ”

Elliot Seemeel –
” all the plans of satan have been defeated, for us to
preach the gospel. The young men have not been challenged
to preach the gospel.  I want to be on the front line preaching.”

Stephen Tarranga –
( army situation ) “It does not matter , they took an oath.
Even if the commander died – the force continued.  Like in
the Army of God….to continue preaching the gospel.  That which
you just planted you will come back and see. ”

Miner Manjua –
” The River does not go beyond the source”
Always remember who called you to the ministry.

Pastor Charlie –
” Benson is a deep light ”

John Wanoi Mombaya –
” God has gathered us here. I am going to do
As the Word says, I will go and reach any person
God sends me to….all the souls are in front of us”

Josoh Taraski Boi –
“When you go back to Americanny…Tell them
the people in Africa have known God”

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