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Going to double up here…..

Mens meeting today….on God knows why HE said what HE said….
                                                ” do not have any other gods before me”

Here is what they said, they need to keep an eye on in this area: 
   Benson –  Ministry
   Moses – Looking out for the Land
   Charlie –  Temptations and distractions
   David – Lack of $$$
   Tony – cares of this world
   Moses – very much teaching – children come to my house it never ends
   Joseph Miner – lack of food
   Moukoot – depending on people
   Justus – trying to fix this and that, worrying about if I don’t what others will think
   David – family – I use to do things with ease, now I do not….to provide for my family
                                   I see myself as a failure…I try to remember God is my provider – as
                                    I am the provider for my family.   It is hard…but God is God.
  Andrew –  making my wife happy
  Moses – work – work – work .

Womens Meeting….as a woman , what are you thankful for in BEING A WOMAN ?

Dorcas –  to cook, take care of my children
Finance – to cook, raising the children
Nite – raising children
Lydia – cooking – washing clothes
Nancy – washing utensils, cleaning house and farm work
Nora – making sure the compound looks food, share food with others,
               being with my grandchildren
Matron – staying together – being with family
Katheryn – being together with family meeting their needs
Ann – my parents
Beatrice – help the family
Florence – look after my family – children – grandchildren
                      bringing solutions – to provide for them – the results I see
Pamela –  stay together as a family , cook , for them and wash their dress
Katheryn – wash utensils – clean house – plant flowers – farm work
Lylian – be with my children, teach them the Word of God so when they
                   are old they will be in the will of God, provide for them.

( they understood this question…..as of what do you really like that God made YOU
   a woman…what do you like about being ” a woman ” )

** Please pray, time is running out..and we have not locked in the engineer and contractor…
scheduling /  Kenya timing / contacting….etc.   would like to have this done…but GOD
knows……God knows….just want to do it truly so that HE will be GLORIFIED…amen.   thank YOU!

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