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The depth of the burden for Africa……
I call it the “ripple effect”  of spreading the WORD…
the “ripple effect” of reaching the LOST

It is so growing….every time I talk to Benson….
” 2 more churches want to come under our ministry, Mum ”
” these new churches have many needs”
” I feel if we hire some land, they will have maize and it will
really help the people”

And so you know “my yoke is heavy, but my burden is light”
??????  I trust deeply….but flesh – burdened.
The 24/7 –  God, You called me…and this is who I am :
And so I find this 56 yr. old lady who feels like she is
12….in reading this verse, asking her Father who has
all wisdom, all understanding….He has all :

Jeremiah 6: 16
”  This is what the Lord says:
Stand at the crossroads”
(where are You telling me
to go,  to fill the needs of the work of JESUS ?)
and look ;”  – (be very observant…..look spiritually you
are on the path, look- look – choose my direction….( deep
breath, daily to do the will of the LORD )
ask “  – spend time with the LORD and ASK ME/ GOD !
ask where the GOOD WAY IS” –  there are definitely a choice
Left or Right !
” walk in it “ –  go go go…put your faith , what you heard, with
feet of belief… walk in it….

” and you will find rest for your souls “ –  not a quick, sugar
coated fix…lik a candy bar fix…..but a deep “rest for your soul”

My constant worry of Africa –  The HOW will we ever open
the HOSPITAL. $ 78,000.00 just to open it, let alone staff and function
daily, to minister to tons of sick and dying…..individuals.
…HOW will we ever have the school functioning
daily with all it needs ….( an ANSWER to prayer yesterday to part
of this NEED )  thank YOU JESUS !
7 churches GOD – 2 more that desire…then ALL the individual
needs of those individual hurting , hungry people, children ?

Please God …..show me the way…..
make the light turn GREEN > TURN LEFT <
by YOUR HOLY SPIRIT…..if I hear, I will go….
but do not want to walk in…
nothing by HIS VOICE HEARD.

So I ask you, if lead to PRAY PRAY PRAY….
God shows me the door to go to….
God opens the door no man can open….
God gives me wisdom for HIS KINGDOM
HIS PEOPLE in need,
the ” ancient path “…..that has the SPIRITUAL
to do the SPIRITUAL , in the name of JESUS , amen.

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