Mission to Matisi 2011


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Greeting = Kenyan opening , smile !

It is getting to be in the 4th quarter for this 2011 MISSION TO MATISI !

From my end…I do not want to choke…I want to pursue with a purpose

Heb. 13 : 20
”  May the God of peace, who through the BLOOD
of  the ETERNAL COVENANT brought back
from the dead OUR LORD JESUS, that great Shepherd of the sheep,
and may He work in us what is PLEASING TO HIM,
through JESUS CHRIST , to whom be GLORY for ever and ever. AMEN ”

God brought JESUS CHRIST back from the dead…… HE IS GOD
It is GOD who is equipping us to do : 2011 Mission to Matisi !

So :  It will be pleasing to HIM alone
Why :  So that it will bring GLORY to HIM alone !

To Date :   Sent  $13,000 to Pastor Benson & Dorcas

House :    Rock walls…hand chipped and up
Inside walls of bricks – up
Blue Metal Roof – on
Metal Doors ready to be put on
Windows with steal bars – ready to be put on

Sammy, Benson’s oldest brother :
” It has only taken you months what it took me 2 yrs.. ~  This is God. ”

Mike, Benson’s youngest brother from Nairobi :
” This is a state house , it can only be God. ” ( like our White House)
People from all over are amazed and KNOW THAT IT IS GOD ALONE !  smile !

For this is our whole creed for everything we do in Matisi ~
” That they might KNOW that HE IS GOD “….
and it is coming to pass !  Thank YOU JESUS !

Praise :
1.  North Park Church has taken me on as a missionary with support !
2.  The workers on the house are still, still eager to work.
3.  Favor and wisdom and strength for Pastor Benson and Dorcas
to continue MINISTRY + Build the house !

Prayer Request :

1.  Spiritual power, Spiritual depth, Spiritual , Spiritual, Spiritual
is seen in all aspects of this house, this trip, this mission….amen.

2.  $ 7,689.00     needs to be raised by Oct. 2011 ~  via  2011 Mission to Matisi TRIP !
$ 1,500.00    to furnish –  Sink, Stove, Refrigerator, Kitchen Table + Chairs,
Sofas, Chairs, Kitchen Cabinents,  Beds…..
1,300.00     for industrial well that will provide for complete mission –
Orphanage, School, Medical Clinic
1,300.00    for Plumbing and fixtures –  BATHROOM !
495.00     to get POWER to the land !
400.00     to run electric, lighting, etc.
1,594.00    Flight – to Africa
300.00   Hopper Flight –  Kitale – Nairobi
100.00   Travel Nairobi – Kitale

I have a promised – $1,000.00  ( Thank you , Stanley Tam ! ) for ticket…
1,000 in bank –  thank YOU – supporters !  SERIOUSLY !

Need :   $ 5,689.00

I heard this weekend their is no ” currency” in Heaven.
It made this seem – ” O.K. God ! ”  I see…what is spiritual = is SPIRITUAL…..

So, I will leave it SPIRITUAL……………..

Those that have given already……. YOU HAVE BUILT THE HOUSE ~  THANK YOU !


I am asking for PRAYER…spiritual fervor….. behind this 4th quarter !

Last night at church I was sooooooooooooo burden and felt such pressure….humanly ~
because of the word ” completion ” that God has given me, for every year.
Last night at church…. there was a release of ” giving it to God  ”
When Abraham gave his son….. ( giving it to God )
God provided the lamb.

Thank YOU for praying
in the NAME that will truly breath spiritual life into HIS MISSION unto completion !

In Him alone,

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