” Mom + May 1st “


Posted on May 01,2015 under Uncategorized

Reflecting – When something from behind in your life….
Shines into your “NOW”

You don’t ask for it
You weren’t thinking “of it”
It just “REFLECTS” into YOUR NOW.

It is quite the impact and how my Mom lived…
She “REFLECTS” in my life….quite a bit, and very often !

May 1st – Never have this day….
Where I don’t think back to her making me
a styrofoam cup
with a flower planted in it
a little ribbon
“Happy May Day”
Love, Mom

I thank the LORD for her ~ upon every remembrance.

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How sweet. I can’t imagine how much you must miss her. She would be thrilled about the Africa ministry. She loved Jesus and His Word and people, and that legacy lives on through you and your sons as well! Love ya. 🙂

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