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The students at Temple Christian School have been collecting their “Change for Africa” – to “Change Africa with the LOVE OF JESUS CHRIST”
 K4 – $ 9.63
K5 –    34.52
1st – 6.00
2nd – 16.07
3rd – 29.76
4th – 45.73
5th – 11.08
6th – 59.44
7th – 146.05
8th – 10.07
9th – 11.06
10th – 64.75
11th- ( I missed picking it up, will post)
12th – 28.34
TOTAL =  $516.06

( it isn’t about the money numbers…it is about each individual student
   participating in the work of the LORD…learning to listen and obey and see
   the mighty hand of GOD ! )

This Weds. they will be ordering their change Africa Shirts….. $ 6.00

Going to get the change on Thurs. or Friday – for next tally !

 Through – a new “pay pal” acct. – $ 60.00 –  I was totally taken back with that !

 My HIGH SCHOOL – Phys. Ed. teacher read the article….and he is graciously contributing….that was even more  – for I have not spoken to him in over 3 yrs. !  THANK YOU JESUS….amazed , seriously…..

Skyped with Benson ( Pastor in Matisi) – yesterday for over an hour….planning the next trip – ” when will others come with you, mum ?”  so there is your invitation ! smile…. ending in a humbling prayer that he is so grateful to GOD for this whole provision of what GOD has laid on his heart.

He is to video some thots of his and the chidren hopefully to be put on “youtube”….. ??? soon !

And so we walk… this foggish journey to us, but oh so clear to GOD alone. For I know who I am not, but I walk in who HE IS.  and that is where I want to stay, in the Name of JESUS, guide us , guide Benson, guide the givers, the prayers, the readers in what ever path YOU, GOD have for us today….may we keep YOUR presence ever at the center of all of this, amen.

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Awesome!!! If Benson wants to record videos and put them on YouTube, I can show you how to easily add them to your blog posts. Thrilled that PayPal is working out for ya! Thankful to see your updates come through.

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