Monday Nite Post !


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I have to “lock it in” ……
  but we are close, very close to touch down –
Monday nite hopefully, I will be able to say :

“Houston, we have touchdown”

As far as GOD…GOD bringing in all the money for the land !  seriously !
 Just want to MAKE SURE…..

So, what is next you ask ?
      $ 3,500.00   for my trip back to Matisi in October 2010…..
                       a.  for planning the – layout of the ministry
                                                                buildings to be built
                                                                staffing of ministry –
                       b.  Evangelism – Matisi and surrounding areas
                       c.  Women’s Ministry – many prostitutes
                                                                     single parents
                                                                     no income – developing a ministry
                                                                                               to encourage training
                                                                                               part of ministry ?
                       d.  Crusades to “seek and to save the lost” 
                       e.  been consentrating on the land, still a work in progress,
                             will seek the LORD big time !

$ 8 – 10,000.00   to build a church – 
                                     ( Pastor Benson wanted to call it “UnReined Church” ,smile ) 
                                     I told him to get his own….lol
                                     seriously –  He is the one over there….it should be God’s heart to his…
           So , the church started in Oct. is called – ” AGAPE ~ WORD OF GOD” 
                    ( Pastor Benson LOVES THE WORD OF GOD….that is HIS HEART )
                           smile… I love it.
           So,  the church of  40 + people meet in a living room…
                   or a 9 x 14 rm…back in the school.
                    it is ever growing,  GOD is so moving…because Benson is giving them 
                   Jesus Christ in truth, in Spirit, in compassion and love…
                   they are traveling over 9 miles to get there…. 
 They will have to rent if we do not build…. and GOD has provided HIS LAND….
         not to look at…..
         but to house a HAVEN…a land that they can walk on…and

YOU have to know this is of GOD…….
    Monday will share how the  $$$  for the land has come ….


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