Motorcycles & JESUS !


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God continues to amaze me….
Today Lori McCollum + GOD…put together one amazing MOTORCYCLE RUN !
1.  For – NEW LOOK FITNESS  –  boxing gym ministry in LIMA OHIO !
2. For Africa !

God gave us GREAT WEATHER…..thank YOU JESUS !

The fellowship between those “working the ride + the ones who rode ”
It was just a neat atmosphere all day !

Then to hear the motorcycles all ” start their engines”
The line riding out…to the line coming in.
Made up of friends in JESUS,  family in JESUS…riders FOR JESUS….

The talks, the laughters….seeing all the ones working for HIS CAUSE.
The prizes all donated –  50 – 50 drawing – door prizes …
” Winner Winner Chicken Dinner ”
IT WAS JUST GREAT……did we take in some cash – sure….

What will that do ?   Things in Aarons’ GYM….to minister to kids in Lima
Things in Africa…to minister to individual lives.

Thank you to Lori McCollum who ran the ride , like she stole it…
Thank you to all who donated prizes
Thank you to all who ran the route, worked the ride….
Thank you to all who came, gave, rode, laughed and sent your love…

All around the world !

It was a blessed, blessed day……
I love the sound of LOUD ENGINES…and to see JESUS CHRIST…
in just that ?   seriously…..WALKING WITH CHRIST – truly is AMAZING.

Gentlemen and Ladies…” START….YOUR….ENGINES ”

Lori,  Thanx again, it was MONTHS, MONTHS OF PREP…
and I pray you go to bed smiling….and tell me the blessings you receive !  amen !

Thanx !

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I did go to bed smiling, and tired. But so very happy and thankful to God for calling me to help with this awesome cause. Through it I got the chance to work with you, Janelle, again after so many years. And I loved it! Loved getting the chance to share in your vision and spirit and passion for these people in Africa. I feel like I have new friends there and I have never met them. It was an honor to meet Aaron and feel his love and caring for the young people he ministers to in his boxing gym. It was a blessing to be surrounded by so many people who do love the Lord and are willing to work together for something outside of themselves. They showed up ready to give of their time and energy and they worked hard! I love each one of them for that! And for those who may not have known the Lord like we do, I believe they witnessed Christ’s Spirit at work in us. What more can you ask for? It was fully a team effort. And let’s not forget those wonderful saints who prayed for us. There were lots of prayers going up on behalf of this day and these ministries. So the blessings have already come. And for that I am one thankful biker chick!

Exactly what truly encouraged you to post “Unreined Ministries ? Blog Archive ? Motorcycles & JESUS !
”? I actuallygenuinely loved the blog post! Thanks a lot ,Rudy

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