My ” Colt” prayer…..


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Mark 11: 2
”    saying to them, ” Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it,
you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden.  Untie it and bring it here.”

When ever I am at an intersection….. a deep need for :
Divine Understanding
Divine Wisdom
Divine Discernment

why ?  to get Divine results alone….
Spiritual to Spiritual….
no flesh results….only JESUS’ results…..

I will ask Him,  ” where is the colt ?”
Tell me where, ” the colt is.”  please…..

I need to know….where to go….that YOU are going to do ,
what only YOU can do….to get what only YOU desire.

Where the LORD is going to RIDE IN, in all HIS GLORY….
to do all that HE desires to do.

The unheard of….
The supernatural…..which is natural only to Him alone.
The use of something that to everyone else is  ” just a donkey”…
but what GOD is going to do in it, and through it…..
is going to be God Amazing !

Then what happened….
a.  when they went to do exactly what God told them…
( He will tell us exactly, where, with what, when….
it is the learning in the waiting…till the “donkey is there to get” )
b.  did not question ” a donkey?”
c. Jesus even told them – if someone asks you why…..
Jesus already knows  what HE is going to ask of us, some will question.
d.  Tell them spiritually what is going on ” tell him, The Lord needs it ”
e.  And then anticipate the Triumphal Entry…of the Almighty LORD…
in what you are going to see, do and experience.


In our lives,  2012 ….

are we near God enough to know what HE needs…on earth..
to do spiritually amazing things.
are we near God enough to know, anticipate, understand that it is not about us at all.
we are so close…we KNOW….go now, is right…….HE SAID….

“My sheep hear my voice and I know them and they will follow me.”

What does God want us to do?
Where is the Donkey ?

If you are working with your husband / wife….so close…so much…
and they are working and they do not need anything….( you keep on working with them)
but then, then , then…….
they need something, there is a hesitation, there is a look , or a question for you to ….
GO GET ME _________________________
you know them so tight, that you know what they want you to get….where it is..
because you have been working in ” that area”…with  them….
Is it any different with God?

and maybe it will be ” out of that area” ….
but it will be GOD….and GOD spoken to you….” go get the colt”
if He hasn’t told you…..then why would you go…
then where would you go…
and what spiritual would be in it at all ?
but if HE has ….. watch for it …
anticipate it..
walk in HIS confidence……in the Name of JESUS CHRIST….

“HOSANNA….blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD”

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