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John 2: 21
” But whoever …LIVES BY TRUTH…..comes into the
LIGHT, so that IT MAY BE SEEN PLAINLY..that what
HE HAS DONE….has been through GOD. ”

Living by TRUTH –  all of the Word
all situations, all the time , fully.
” The Living Word” – like, ” The OHIO STATE ” ….

vs. 29
”  The bride belongs to the bridegroom.  The
friend who attends the bridegroom WAITS And LISTENS
for him and is FULL OF JOY…..FULL OF JOY…. ” WHEN ”
he hears the bridegroom’s voice. ”

The joy in our lives comes when ?  when we HEAR ….
The Holy Spirit….
until then…we wait, we wait , we wait….. but when
we hear HIM….JOY COMES !

* so if you are asking and there is no “JOY” yet in that
place that you are asking,  HE HAS NOT SPOKEN …..
But the Peace of GOD…comes from the Prince of Peace….

* right move, right answer – is an answer done in Peace….

vs. 31   ” the one who comes FROM ABOVE…is above ALL ”

Your situation –  HE IS ABOVE it all….

vs. 31  ” the one who speaks from the earth belongs to the
earth ” …… no competition, they are not even in the game
spiritually…..they are only ” in the earth” , yapping…..

vs. 32 ” HE testifies what HE has seen and heard ”
HE  has been to Heaven, HE lives in the power of God…
HE operates and knows all of who HE IS…. and HE
TESTIFIES……in being HIM…..” let HIM LOOSE ”

vs 30 ” He must become greater; I must become less ”

* our son Tug …has this tattoo on his arm….    HE>I

What would happen if we shrunk into the littlest form of
human, flesh, our minds, out thots …. and LET HIM GO ?
FULL THROTTLE GOD in our situation…

but, we have to wait, we have to listen, we have to TAKE JOY
in living in all of who HE IS….     HE>I

vs. 33  ”  the man who has ACCEPTED it has CERTIFIED 
that GOD IS TRUTHFUL.  34.  For the one whom God
has sent speaks the words of God,  FOR GOD GIVES

There is no limit….in the Spirit
There is no limit….in the Spirit

there is limit….in the flesh                          HE > I 

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I long to hear the voice of my Bridegroom and Yes He is above my situation before me.

Thank you for this message


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