……No More Gloom…..


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Starters :  I am not saying you or I are doing something
wrong, when the ” cloud of doom”  HANGS over our head…
just going to dive into this bit of chapter of God’s Word :

I believe that we live on an earth that has sin…so bad things come
I believe that it can be a wall from satan trying to stop the will of God.
I believe it can be a teaching room with JESUS CHRIST….

Many aspects….but this is in this chapter :

Isaiah 9 : 1
” Nevertheless, there WILL BE NO MORE GLOOM
for those who were in distress.  In the past HE humbled
the land of Zebulum and the land of Naphtali, but
IN THE FUTURE HE WILL HONOR Galilee of the Gentiles….”

2. The people walking in the darkness have seen a great light;
……light has dawned.
3.  You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy;
4. “……YOU have shattered the yoke that burdened them,
the bars across their shoulders,
            the rod of their oppressor.”


I have had a few clouds and a friend of mine told me…
Until you learn this deep truth that she knew I was
struggling with, my ministry would not go….

That deep truth , I was humbled to the point of
coming to that wall…..that wall that I KNEW…..
I was not surrendering to…….the deep truth that HE IS..
and I was NOT LIVING…..when I humbled myself……

The total surrenderment that we are not giving.
The Holy Spirit tells us when we are under that cloud,

the ” what we need to learn”  and we know it…
but we do not surrender, we do not go to the depth of
being humbled….I asked God to give me the spirit of
humility….and that is how I learned in that area…
and then, then , then the cloud started to leave…..
( not that I have it all, in all areas, that was one )

Our surrenderment is our empowerment.
to walk out from under the cloud….

Then this is when, because of JESUS CHRIST
when it says in HIS WORD :
” and unto us a Child is born
unto us a Son is given and the government
will be on HIS SHOULDERS.

( HE will take it from us…….)

vs. 6  ” and HE will be called ( by us and truly mean it,
live in it, learn from Him in these ways to walk out )

Wonderful Counselor –  we share our problems and listen
and obey ( humbled ~ to honored )
Mighty God ~  He has the power to over rule our flesh.
He has the power to stand between satan and us
Everlasting Father ~  He birthed us spiritually….
He has our best for HIS best….follow, obey, love
be HIS CHILD…..faith in our FATHER
Prince of Peace ~  if our lives our confused…..and He is the PRINCE
of peace ??…. not Prince of Confusion…..then that is a
gauge…..of what we need to learn, even in the darkest cloud.
( ever known a Christian who got this and lived it ? ) yep.

7.  ” of the increase of HIS GOVERNMENT  (  not satan’s , the worlds that is
controlling us, that ~cloud  )
…..of the increase of HIS GOVERNMENT and PEACE
there will be no end.”
……the zeal of the LORD will accomplish this .”

Knowing of God……and living IN GOD,
Knowing and saying HE is this and that….and humbling
ourselves unto deep, deep conviction of living it
consistantly out…. oh I could learn it for a day…..
I could learn it for a week….

but then when it hit the fan….I went back…..
He knows when we have humbled ourselves to the point
it has changed our character……

@ that point and time, time and time again……
I have seen my own cloud –   start to go away…….
it is a life changer….and my life has been changed…

When my:  surrendering becomes my empowering
to walk out from under the cloud…of gloom……
No more gloom…..No more me………….

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