No one else can :


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When we think of our own lives……
The things we are struggling with ~
The things we are believing for ~

I am struggling with _________________________________
This is what I desire that only God can do _________________________________

Got it ?

” No one else can repent for me”
” No one else can believe for me”

Fear paralyzes me
Faith releases me

Fear is worshiping satan
this one hit me :  FEAR IS WORSHIPING SATAN !

Faith is worshiping JESUS CHRIST…..

John 8 : 31 – 32
” If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.
Then you will know the truth….and the truth will set YOU free.”

The Holy Spirit will lead us to the TRUTH of the situation, to set us free.
Then it is our choice….our choice to worship JESUS….and break and live, live FREE…
or to worship satan and stay paralyzed in the situation….

The Holy Spirit is, is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH….HE can only speak TRUTH.
satan , distorts the truth, the only way he continues to rule is through DECEPTION.

In our situation, “ours” ……
who is ruling ?     Distortion or Truth ?

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