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What ever is going on in our life, right NOW….
How do we see it ?

Reading 1 Cor. 4: 6
” Now brothers I applied these things to myself……
Do not go beyond what is written . ”

Paul obeyed the Word of God
not his own inclinations
not worldly opinions

a. What does the Word of God say pertaining
to our situation ?
b. The totality of who GOD is right now…
w/ your situation…”what is truth” ?

It is a difficult lesson daily of humility.

” accepting our posture of who we are in
relation to God Himself ”
He alone….is Sovereign.

Jesus marked first with humilitaion
Then crowned with exultation.
The Corinthians wanted the 2nd without
the 1st ….. no more sickness
no more suffering
no more pain

The writer said, ” this is no more possible
today than it was when Paul wrote this ”

Paul did not like suffering, he WISHED they
were right….but they weren’t.

Paul followed the path of CHRIST’S humiliation
Paul urged them to IMITATE JESUS..

” May my way of LIFE ~ “IN” ~ CHRIST JESUS
which AGREES with what I teach everywhere”
vs. 17

Oh, the process of God helping us to get to
the point of  imitating
the point of “my way of life”
the point of ¬†” being truly in Christ”, how HE is..
the point of ” my life agrees w/ my spiritual words”

Paul wished they were right….
he didn’t have to go THRU….
We wished we didn’t, others didn’t, the ones
we loved didn’t…..
But HE did….
praying for all those that are, today.

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Great word, Thank you for this! Love you!

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