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Thinking of how JESUS “could of acted on MONDAY”
** if He wasn’t JESUS, and maybe more like us ….

He could of said, “ SEE I TOLD YOU…I “
Did you see “ How I showed satan …who I was ?”

But being Jesus Christ….
But being Jesus Christ ( and who we should be more like ) right ?

Luke 24: 36 – 51

He asked for something to eat, from those who doubted…
He ate with them…..sat with them…..
He quietly showed them his nail pierced hands
Told them how He had to do everything like God wanted
and fulfill His plan…

* favorite part ~
45. “ Then He opened their minds so they could
understand the Scriptures. “

He continued to live for others to see God.
He continued to live for others to see God.

After His death
After His resurrection, defeating satan, overpowering….

He continued to live for others to see God.

He stayed in all of who Jesus Christ is..
All power , all obedience, all humility,

and in the end…

vs. 49
“I am going to send you what my Father has promised;
but stay in the city until YOU have been clothed

not keeping it to Himself …

Now He has taken all that He came to do…
Walk on earth as JESUS CHRIST
Rise Again, defeat satan and death
Paid the price for sin

and then HE gives us His power….

He never said, “ SEE WHAT I….”
He said, “ Here have what I…..”

What will we live on earth ~ in ?
How will we live on earth ?

I always say about my Mom…. I will honor her
the most by living my life out, the way she raised
me in Jesus Christ.
I will worship Jesus Christ the MOST…by living
out the way that HE has in all reality, all spiritually
that HE DIED and ROSE again to …”give me.”

Say, “ it ain’t over “…….

Ask Jesus today to :
“ open

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