Our Children……..


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Some highlights of our Pastors message today:

Pharoah did not raise an army to fight Israel….
         he went after the children.

**Moses’ mother seen him with more than her physical eye…
           deeper than the surface
            seen ~  the prospering of GOD in him
            seen ~ the pleasure of GOD in him
           seen ~ the righteousness of GOD in him

Pharoah went through the children to try and shut
      the work of GOD down !

** Look at how satan is trying to get to our childern today !
       before they can get their spiritual legs under them ….
       what is he putting in their minds ?

** how are we building their legs of faith ?
     how are we building the truth of GOD’s Word in them as parents ?
     how are we strengthening their communication/relationship w/ Him ?

Does “stuff….worldly stuff”  have a hold of you?
            do they see our main focus is on JESUS CHRIST…
            or  ” stuff ” ?
What is your focus truly on spiritually with yourself ?
What is your focus truly on spiritually with your children ?

The Nile River that killed most boys…..
the same River did not kill Moses………… why ?

How will your child survive  ~ ” THE RIVER”
      that is killing the children around them
                                  spiritually & physically ?

The parents seen what was in Moses, spiritually…
   They hid and protected him
   They built an ark to save his life
   They put him in it…
   They let him go….and gave him into God’s care……

Talk more to God for your child….
Than you talk to your child about God !

How much time do we pray for our desires, our needs…our wants…
Than we do praying for our individual child/children …
   Their lives for the Lord, their protection from satan/ the world…
   If we documented our prayers…. the majority of our prayers are on ?
    Asking GOD to give us divine insight in what our part
                               truly is …
                              in THEIR LIVES…..spiritually.

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