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Where are you going, right now ?
Where do you desire to go, right now ?
Why do you desire to go there, right now ?

There is great ASSURANCE….that God alone
Will get you there….and take you to His path…
Which is what we all want !

Paul – Silas – Timothy :   Acts 16

Reason to go :  vs. 5
” so the churches were strengthened in
THE FAITH and grew daily in numbers.”
( they were on a deep mission for the LORD,
may this trip be deeply just that )

Vs. 6 ” having been KEPT BY THE HOLY 
SPIRIT from preaching the word in the
province of Asia ”   ( God will guide us where
to go and where not to go….trust in Him alone,
listen to Him alone )

vs.7  ” when they came to the border of Mysia,
THEY TRIED TO ENTER Bithynia ( you think
Cridersville is bad ? ) ,  but the SPIRIT OF JESUS
would not allow them to.  8. So they…… ”
( God will so, so, so open doors and close doors for
us to keep us going to WHO He desires us to take
HIS MESSAGE )   * is that not just AMAZING ?

He even told Paul in the middle of the nite !
* has He not woken you before ?

” concluding that GOD had CALLED us
to preach the GOSPEL to them. ”

*  that is the PERIOD.
1.  We stay true to HIS precise reason – salvations
– loving Him more
2.  We keep a very open ear to the HOLY SPIRIT
3. We listen
4. We obey and follow   1 ” –  behind HIM alone
5. We continue to ” preach the gospel ”
We continue to ” preach the gospel ”
We continue to ” preach the gospel”

He brought a fortune teller,
He brought a generous Christian
He brought a jail keeper
He brought Govt. officials
He brought crowds……

On His path,  we are not in control of who
He brings…..but we have to stay true to HIS TRUTH
They could of left very quietly by the provision of GOD…

But staying close to The Spirit ……vs 37
( the magistrates )  ” and now they want to get rid of us
quietly ?  NO !  LET THEM….come themselves and
escort us out ”

You see ….we have to ” FOLLOW THROUGH ”  to
all on our path today …..not forgetting one
that God  wants us to ” give JESUS to ”
Where we walk :
the jailer, the crowd, even the Govt. officials…..
HE will give us the opportunity

for ” many were added “……

I pray today, I walk my path for HIM
I pray today, The Spirit tells me where to go
The Spirit tells me where not to go
Who to talk to…and ” don’t forget the magistrate ”

Excited for where HE is taking all of us….
to THEM !

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