Outside the Church….


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I think of how cool it is when we anticipate the
presence of God , the power of worship, the altar calls
and watching and hearing and being with God in His house…
just how GREAT it is ….all the time, every Sunday…..

Going to bed with Acts 4 on my mind…..
The healing of the lame man …
Happened on the “way to the Temple”
the man was going to the gate of the Temple…


it happened EVEN BEFORE they went into
The Temple/ Church…..

Peter and John were filled with The Holy Spirit,
filled with the power of God, filled with the
wisdom, insight and discernment…BEFORE..
BEFORE they ever entered The Temple…..

The movement of God , the healing happened
through Peter and John….out in the publics

1 Peter 1:4
“ For by these He was granted to us
His precious and magnificent promises, so
that by them you may become PARTAKERS of the
divine nature, having escaped the corruption
that is in the world by lust.”

What would it look like if we took this as
serious truth, “we are partakers of His divine
nature ?”

They took it back to The Source = JESUS CHRIST…
all God, all Him that empowers, ….

To me this passage is such a DEEP CHALLENGE to us

1. to not wait until we enter Church to see
the miracles of God.
2. to desire to LIVE in the divine nature of God
now….so that we might be “partakers, participants “
WE are …….“in Christ”…..
3. to take it to the next step of not just talking
about, but pressing in…..to every open door is walked
through to the 10th degree…IN CHRIST…

vs. Acts 4: 17
“ Everybody living in Jerusalem knows they have done
an outstanding miracle, and we can not deny.”

vs. 13 “Peter and John were unschooled, ordinary men ,
they took note that they had been with JESUS.”

This takes it straight to us,
our relationship with JESUS CHRIST
our desire to not call the Pastors, the elders, the
deacons, but we as ordinary, HAVE JESUS CHRIST….

HIS PRESENCE outside the Church….
so that the world can not DENY…..
to that point
to that degree, may we live.

Get HUNGRY to anticipate and be a partaker
a participant of HIS DIVINE NATURE.

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