Panera Bread – East – Lima, Ohio 7:00 – 8:00 Bible Study Weds. June 9th


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Our Church is having  “locations Bible Studies”  all around Lima tomorrow nite !
     I am “fasilitating” the one @ Panera Bread East ~
     A “Discussion” formula !

“How do I develop a personal relationship with God ?”

So, just putting some of God’s Word in me tonite….
     anyone is welcome…  !

Jas 2:23
And the Scripture was fulfilled which says, “Abraham believed God,
and it was imputed to him for righteousness, and he was called the friend of God.”


to HIM for righteousness,  or justification;
though there was no act in the case but that of the mind and heart, no work of any kind

Hence the doctrine of justification by faith, without any merit of works;
for in this case there could be none-no works of Abram which
could merit the salvation of the whole human race. 
It was the promise of God which he credited,
and in the blessedness of which he became a partaker through faith.

The reason why it was counted to him for righteousness was,
that it was such a strong, direct,
and unwavering act of confidence in the promise of God.


the strong confidence of his mind in the promises of God,
his unwavering assurance that what God had promised he would perform,
was reckoned for righteousness.


IMPUTED = it is said that the righteousness of Christ is accounted or imputed to us;
when it is said that his merits are transferred and reckoned as ours; 

 FAITH =  God promises; the man believes; and this is the whole of it.
( I love this statement ….just love it…HE IS EITHER GOD TO US,
   or HE IS NOT )

It was through – through Abraham’s faith in GOD….no works at all….
but in the relationship of HIS FAITH in GOD

*that his faith was genuine

  • Abraham’s laying on Isaac on the Alter=  The act of offering his son on the altar,
    by which James says the Scripture was fulfilled,
    occurred some twenty years afterwards.
    That act confirmed or fulfilled the declaration. Of what ?  =  FAITH


Does our acts in our life right now – SHOW OUR FAITH ?

**What is God asking you to step out in and tell HIM – I BELIEVE ?

God knows…..our heart…..HE  knows….if we truly believe in Him..
not just for salvation….

Kind of like a parent knows if a child just “wants something from them..
 they are “using their relationship with us to get something…
or, or if they truly desire to be with us, they desire a relationship…..

God is no different, OUR HEAVENLY FATHER….knows why we believe…
     “just to get us into Heaven ?”
    ” just to get ___________ or _______________”
     ” or is our faith truly in HIM, to glorify HIM, to HONOR HIM…”

Why do you think He called ABRAHAM ~ FRIEND ?

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