PEACE ~ A gauge of God…..


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Working on ” Friday Teen Nites ”  for Africa…..

God laid it on my heart to ask them….
Then quickly HE flipped it to me, to the here and now :

” What or who do you HAVE peace with ? ”
a. make a list
” What or who do you NOT HAVE peace with ? ”
b.  make a list

If we read Phil. 4: 1 – 9
It talks of how we think, what we think on..
” and the PEACE OF GOD ….
and the GOD OF PEACE will be with you ”

It lists the way we help others, and think on what HE
knows will give us PEACE and then you got it …
” what ever you have heard or learned or seen in me
be with you. ”

In our lives….”What or who do we have peace with
What or who do we NOT have peace with ? ”

The why don’t we ?~
We need to read again PHIL 4: 1 – 9

We can’t have it in and of ourselves….the depth of our
SIN …the depth of our flesh, the depth of our self ….
but that can’t be a cushioned chair of COP OUT.

Our flesh keeps us from peace with others on earth.
Our flesh keeps us from peace within ourselves w/ sin.

I think not having or having peace on earth
with people , with circumstances, with things…
is a gauge that God gives us internally…..
” keeping it right …..
Keeping it pure, genuine before the LORD ”

For when we do, we have PEACE………

If we make that list :
” who or what do I have peace with ?”
” who or what don’t I have peace with ? ”

it will come back to being right in that area
before the LORD HIMSELF….not even the
person….not even the circumstance,
but TRUTH as told by GOD IN HIS WORD.

Then the ” closer ”
~ Do you have PEACE WITH GOD ?
only way at all,
magnify ourselves in front of the mirror of :
“who we really are ?”
can’t put on the long tail sweatshirt to hide
” the hips of sin “……

Rom. 5: 1
” Therefore we have been justified through faith,
we have PEACE with God through our LORD JESUS

Saved = Peace w/ God
UnSaved =  no peace w/ God at all……….

Pray for salvations of teens in Kenya this summer !
thanx !


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