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I need to get a “support letter” out….
but it is just so CRAZY since…..????

UnReined Ministry….still EXISTS !

It has been in “Pause” for a while….
But I knew until Heather came into Tug’s life…
UnReined turned its shoulders to
Tug, Morgan, Reese + Tanner..
With no apologies….

God was silent in some areas…
Moving in others…family wise…
and an undercurrent of GRIEF of losing Africa…
( still is ) but, deep breath – ?

After Tug + Heather’s wedding I knew it was time….
To do what ? To walk, to start, to try, to go…
Asking God every day –
“ Open doors that no man can open and
close doors no man can close “ seriously.

so, Rock and I started the process
the phases of Southern Ohio ….

Women’s Retreat in April – pre wedding
Wedding May 5th
Start the process of – Water, Power + Septic
on the land ( still in the process ) smile
Start to plan the build – of THE SHED/Chicken Coop

** instead of buying a camper we chose to build
The Shed….to live in while Phase 2 + 3 come.

* Women’s Bible Study every other month is Southern Ohio
* Collect for the Free Garage Sale is ON GOING, thank YOU GUYS
Get unit #2 to put things in, order a bigger Truck….
and love the individuals and doing ministry with them all , again !
* Send money to INDONESIA to help Wendy’s ministry
( she went to Africa w/ me )
* meet w/ 2 young men who listens to God….
1 contemplating ministry
1 desires to go to Africa …hmmm
* talk / counsel with different individuals
* Chaplain at 3 businesses…in Lima every week

The Build is exciting and EXHAUSTING…..
Rock has poured his heart , life and stamina in it all…
and I get the “ dumb end “ gratefully
and JASON SPAULDING our neighbor in S.Ohio..
( we could not do it without him and his family)
Mike Hawkins gave us 2 days…
( which is like a month from any other )
and this Tues. we go down to put the metal siding on..

After that it will be 2 solid more weeks of work to
complete The Shed….( Garage Sale will take a week in itself )

We have had many talks with individuals that affirm, affirm
that we are walking on the path that GOD HAS FOR US.

I read His Word and underline and date…everything that
jumps into walking HIS PATH….and try so hard to stay on it.

I still communicate with Benson…..
11 years of doing intense ministry on the level
Benson and I walked with the LORD ON….
you just don’t quit that.

After AFRICA, I have questioned myself deeply…
if I can hear God correctly…
if I truly messed it all up….
will GOD EVER use me again, in that level ?
and with our family…..just the unknown….
it will be a step of faith….
but a desire to obey at all costs….
for those that don’t know JESUS and are going to hell….
to help the poor
to go to the ones with JESUS…to a point that
to seek and to save the lost
knowing it is God who draws all men unto HIMSELF….
but He included us in that process…
this is my desire……

I just ask for PRAYER…… ever God leads you,
Humbly , thank you !

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