~ Prayer Request from Benson ….. for his brother !


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Sammy ~ is Benson’s Brother…
He coached the National Soccer Team
for the Army of Kenya
He is also ” in the ARMY ” ……

The last 2 yrs….Sammy has been in Somalia
Bordering Kenya….
He has helped build “Underground Churches ”
He finished his tour and came home.
150 Soldiers were on their way back to Kenya
El Shabab – had an army of over 1,000
to overtake this camp close to the border…
60 Kenyan Soldiers were killed.
4 Days Ago….
SAMMY WAS CALLED BACK…..to rescue the men in hiding
in the bush.
Sammy’s platoon is the 1st men to go ” back in ”
To seek their fellow soldiers.
His attitude ? = ” we are sure to go….
to travel this mission…
I can not deny….
only thing to be done ?
Is for you people to pray. ”
Sammy left 3 days ago.
He told Benson, ” I know JESUS will bring me back home. ”

Benson asks, ” Mum, can you ask your people to pray for Sammy?”

Thank YOU !

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