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Our Daughter – in – law ~   Marla Taviano…..
Has been ” purging ” for quite sometime…if you follow her
you have known this is truly in her….
** it is not on the outside looking in…
** it is on the inside coming out

So, as I read this a.m……it just kept hitting me her word ” PURGE “…
If you know us,   she is intelligent….and me ~  not so much…..

So, I looked up the word purge to get the correct spelling ….
and then continued to read :
PURGE =  a. to make clean or pure by getting rid of things that are dirty or wrong
b. to rid of person or things thought to be harmful, dangerous, disloyal
c. to make the bowels move

Colossians 3: 4
” When Christ, who is your life, appears,
then you also will appear with Him in glory.”

*  I thot,  how thankful I will be to truly be in HIS GLORY…..as I will be rid of my flesh.
I get so tired of thinking how many times I disappoint Him…with my fleshlyness ( sp ) .
Jesus Christ died for me, He came to earth for me…and yet…..seriously….
I can not PURGE my flesh ? once and for all ?

The thot of finally being in all of HIS GLORY…..with no flesh…to me….just sends me , today !

Then you go on and read about serious ” purging ” :
( again if this could be in us from the inside out ….not just on the outside ~ wishing  ! )

Immorality – fornication
impurity – a wider perversion
lust – uncontrollable passion
evil desires –  illicit craving
greed – coveting
idolatry – seeking satisfaction in things below and not above

Anger –  chronic attitude of smoldering hatred
rage –  acute outburst
malice – lies below anger and rage at their root
slander –  evil speaking
filthy language – shameful speech
lying – not speaking the truth

It said to RID yourself of these things…..when we are saved…
when we put on what CHRIST died to give us….

Rid – throw it off like dirty clothes….get rid of

PURGE ~  PURGE ~  PURGE…………………..

I think of Marla and Gabe’s house,  rid of all things unnecessary…..
and then I think….

That is what God wants of our lives……CLEAN IT OUT….
Clean it out – by telling the truth about ourselves ….
to JESUS CHRIST….repent….in all honesty…
Have a deep pure desire….to PURGE…..what is not of HIM alone
and then KEEP IT CLEAN……

then it says –  PUT ON…….replace……
a new conduct which aligns with who JESUS IS IN US.
a renewed, blood bought , pure ~~~~ freed self…in CHRIST .

They say that purging is “freeing”…..

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Marla definitely likes to purge, and it’s been good for me to understand why. She gets overwhelmed with having too much or needing to make choices between things, so she finds it freeing when she just has “enough”. That’s what pushes the purging.

Your post was fun to read, because thankfully Jesus ALONE is ENOUGH. There’s lots of purging we all need to do to actually live out that belief. You’re not alone there!

Thanks for this post – made lots of sense!

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