…..Ready to Receive……?


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Cooking Rock lasagna and chili….for while I am gone…
I thought…” I want poured into by the LORD “….

Before God had given me,  ” when you pray for people ask them
to receive it like the faith they had when they received their salvation ”
I knew HE wanted me to learn that deeply.

Today….I was listening and AGAIN, God talked about FAITH…
If you hear and hear and hear about salvation …and never receive it.
YOU are smack dab hearing the WORD OF GOD…but you do not
It is God’s will that NONE SHOULD PERISH …..
It is HIS DESIGN of faith and choice….is HE soverign ?   you bet !
He wants us to choose HIM…He is not a dictator….

So, where you are at, where I am at,
” the stand still area “……the area you have heard and heard….
The question is :  ”  Will you receive what God has waiting for you ?”
” will you receive it, take it, own it, have it in your hands  ?”

What is it that YOU want God to move in…
How would that look that would glorify GOD in the GREATEST WAY ?
How would that look that would FURTHER HIS KINGDOM ?
HOW DOES IT LOOK….touched by Gods’ hand alone ?
What is the timing of it ?  That is up to God….
God had them walk 7 times.
God spoke and it happened.
God arose in 3 days.
God is a God of HIS TIME and the SUDDENLY

I just know, someone needs this right now..to the point of me..
Asking you to put your hands out, palms up…
Praying to God right now, praying, praying and tell him
your faith sight…
Faith is the evidence of things SEEN as if they were…
your faith sight….to glorify GOD the most…..complete.

He who started a good work in YOU, will complete it…..
YOUR faith sight complete, hands up….

and now in the name of JESUS CHRIST…..” RECEIVE IT ”

Think of someone coming and coming to church, then finally
What does JESUS’ heart look like at that exact MOMENT ?
It is thrilled upon the choice to RECEIVE HIM…..
THE point of choice….blesses GOD.

Today, right now……
What God has given you, your hearts desire that FURTHERS HIS KINGDOM
in full faith….complete….

How this is going to play out = GOD’s responsibility
When , God’s responsibility…

Would you take back your salvation ?
Would you take back your ” walking out of your own salvation ?”

I am excited how God is going to take you there…
I am excited about the souls waiting for you to give them the
TRUTH of who HE IS….
I am excited about the ” walking out of your salvation ”

FAITH is evidence of things not seen AS IF THEY WERE.
RECEIVE and KEEP IT…today, today, today.  amen. 

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