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This is over powering my thoughts, right now….
     Mark 16:14
           ” Later Jesus appeared to the Eleven as they were eating
He rebuked them for their lack of faith and their stubborn
refusal to believe those who had seen Him after He had risen.”

  Jesus was going to send these 11 out….to tell others of
” what they had seen with THEIR EYES”……

but they ~  the 11 ~  would not believe someone else….
They that walked with Him and seen ALL THE MIRACLES…
HE had done, they ate with Jesus…they sat, listen…and
seen His true heart for themselves….and yet :

They did not believe…. lack of FAITH…….

Faith is the essence of our salvation…FAITH in Christ.
HE starts our spiritual birth….with FAITH
OUR WALK ~  seriously…..with FAITH 

   What is the true depth of who HE IS ~ 2011
   Compared to who HE was in HIS WORD…..? ? ?

Faith that HE is the same, yesterday – today + FOREVER ?

Resurrection =  Defeated Satan once and for all – for eternity

Has that resurrection power changed  –  2011
Will we worship tomorrow/ today….believing HE is all HE IS….
    are we just glad He arose so we can go to Heaven ?
    are we glad HE arose so we can :

vs. 15   – HE said to them, ” Go into all the world and preach
the good news to all creation.
vs. 17  –  And these signs will ACCOMPANY those
who believe: In MY NAME they will
      drive out demons
     they will speak in new tongues
     they will pick up snakes with their hands
     drink deadly poison , it will not hurt them at all;
    they will place their hands on the sick people
    and they will get well.”

The reason why HE AROSE……..
The reason why HE is LIVING……….
The reason why HE is still ….All Sovereign & powerful……

We worship JESUS CHRIST with our faith… Him alone.

I don’t understand alot of things….
can not explain alot of things…….

but I can not waiver that HE IS GOD…
The same yesterday – defeating satan in every area
Today – defeating satan in every area
Tomorrow – will defeat satan in every area

  Satan is under our feet…..
  Jesus is seated at the right hand of GOD…
  The Holy Spirit is alive in us…. Faith.

  God is God alone.  ………FAITH.

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