……Responsive ?……


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In what we do each day…….seriously….
How we “handle” what God is asking of us each day ….
Is our “HEART” responsive to Him alone ?

2 Chron. 34: 27
” Because your heart was responsive and you humbled
yourself before God when you heard what He spoke
against the people, and because you humbled yourself
before Me and tore your robes and wept in my presence,
I have heard you, declares the Lord.”

The depth of the movement of God…..
The depth of our desire for God…..

Daily do I open my ears, my heart, my life to Him.
That I want to hear from Him so badly…….
Then when HE talks, speaks, directs, guides…..

AM …. I ….. RESPONSIVE…….to GOD ?

What will happen if we truly live daily like this ?
We will see the mystery of GOD.
We will see Him move in miraculous ways.

” because YOU – humbled
because YOU – tore your robes
because YOU – wept in my presence……”

I / GOD ….heard YOU

Then it goes on …” NOW I WILL…..and you will
be buried in peace ”

Our lives LIVED for the Lord,
  What He hates, we hate
What He loves, we love
and we want to throw ourselves in front of HIM
and we want to pour out our emotions so deep to HIM
our worship is intense, our cry is intense….

It is real….

Ever been with someone who really does not care about you ?
Ever talked with someone that doesn’t really care or listen ?
” We get it …we know….we are not stupid, we read them ”

How much more can our Father in Heaven…..
Are we genuinely ” RESPONSIVE”  to Gods True Nature ?
That it stirs our emotions to the core ?
It excites, it ravishes, it brings out…..our LOVE for Him.

Do something wrong to our child –  bam
Do something good to our child – bam
( no one has to coax that deep love )

Are we  genuinely ” RESPONSIVE ” to JESUS CHRIST ?
“Your heart was responsive”  =   real to Him?
His hear will be responsive to us =  real to us….

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