” Reveal…..from God…..”


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Being off of Facebook for a bit….
I can blog from my site….and it will go on FB….
I blog to just get out,  what is in me :

The REVEALING of what is of God, from God alone.
Again today,  God …God….God, spoke again :

1 Cor. 2: 6
” We do, however, speak a message of WISDOM
among the mature, but not the WISDOM of this age
or the rulers of this age, who are coming to nothing.”

* I have always been someone who struggles with knowledge
who struggles with ” the worlds standard of wisdom”….
and GOD alone….points out clearly the ~ MESSAGE of JESUS
CHRIST alone =  WISDOM…it is IN HIM…that is true wisdom.

1 Cor. 2:7 .  ” No, we speak of  GOD’S SECRET WISDOM…. a
wisdom that has been HIDDEN and that GOD
destined for OUR GLORY before time began.”

The secret wisdom of God….hidden….but not from us.
Hidden, yet REVEALED to us….
before time began….
** what wisdom do you need revealed to you, right now ?
** what REVELATION from God do you need revealed…
to go with God and not against God’s will ?
** to see and understand, to have insight into…
to truly comprehend, to attain only God’s will ?

vs. 5 ” so that YOUR FAITH might not REST on
men’s WISDOM but on the POWER OF GOD.”

* we need God’s power…..HE wants our FAITH
to rest on HIS POWER…..
Like a book shelf, set your faith on HIS POWER….
it might be one you have to stretch to reach…but set it there.

We struggle to understand, to be wise , to look wise….
but honestly…..it is walking in the ” divine secret of HIS
WISDOM”   that ignites the spiritual adrenaline.

Are we truly ” walking in JESUS CHRIST “…?

vs. 8 ” None of the rulers of this age UNDERSTOOD it…
( here is the KEY ) …..for IF THEY HAD…..IF THEY HAD….
the would NOT  have CRUCIFIED the LORD OF GLORY.”

** How many things would WE have NOT done……
if, if, if  we truly understood who JESUS CHRIST IS ?
How many things would WE have NOT done, said,
thot, believed, if we TRULY understood who JESUS
CHRIST IS….in our circumstance ?

** the secret WISDOM….understanding JESUS in our lives…
Asking for the DEEP REVELATION from GOD….

HE wants to let us in on HIS secret wisdom…..
The spiritual adrenaline of seeking and walking and
listening and knowing that ~ HE KNOWS ALL….

If we truly are all about JESUS…..
Then we need only JESUS’ Wisdom for JESUS purpose.

vs. 8 ” IF they had ……..
IF they had……..
IF they had……..

If we take the time, to engulf ourselves in HIM today….
If we take the time, to ask for REVELATION, desire it,
then want clarity and once it is revealed, OUR FAITH
is set CERTAIN….upon it….not going back….not wavering
into our flesh of doubt, fear…..

vs. 2 ”  I resolved to know nothing while I was with you
except JESUS CHRIST and HIM crucified.  3. I came to you

* He came …… but how did he leave….
He came in all of who he was in the “FLESH”….
Acknowledging his flesh…but then walking out in

vs. 5.  “your faith might not REST on MEN’S WISDOM,
But on the POWER OF GOD.”

the secret wisdom”  to be REVEALED today,
in the name of JESUS CHRIST, alone.

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